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Suikoden English+ HD texture
02-02-2021, 12:24 PM
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Suikoden English+ HD texture
Hi ^^ this is the biggest project I have done so far with almost 3k textures 450 only for portrait
1 by 1 in the i WILL not update this project took me 4 month
A.I and retexture + Translation

If you have the games or google is translated to english
Credit: Gilang Ramadhan (All the story)

''This is a Google translated of Genso Suikoden. So the dialog is rough and often doesn't make much sense. However it can give you a general idea of what's going on, what skills do, and how to progress in game.''

And I translated the UI of this game the best I could

I finished the game with 38 hours + 4 months of texture and / or translation work

Some screenshots Smile


[Image: RIU5kx1l.jpg] - [Image: MXzINlcl.jpg]
[Image: COQph2ql.jpg] - [Image: pbPnnIEl.jpg]
[Image: U7ZaPU7l.jpg] - [Image: FCzjJ1Gl.jpg]
[Image: JUe4mRRl.jpg] - [Image: d25DNTJl.jpg]
[Image: OOhdvl2l.jpg] - [Image: zhUuX3El.jpg]


[Image: ihwI2x2l.jpg] - [Image: ij0Y6dWl.jpg]
[Image: n4okXqvl.jpg] - [Image: SGoeHz3l.jpg]
[Image: b0PCM5bl.jpg] -[Image: HAJXi17l.jpg]
[Image: ZUtz1Fgl.jpg] - [Image: rcYu4sil.jpg]

I hope you like it there is some Japanese text left but I made essential Smile

Dowload here :

1. Install PPSSPP
2. Load up your rom.
3. Go back to the menu and create a game config (this gives this game its own settings)
4. Go to Game Settings > Tools > Developer Tools
5. Check the box near the bottom that says "replace textures"

6. Inside your PPSSPP folder, there will be a folder somewhere called PSP (mine is in PPSSPP/memstick/PSP)
7. You should see a folder called TEXTURES. If not, make it and go in.
8. Create a folder called ULUS10432 (that's the ID of American Persona PSP)
9. Copy the contents of the download above into that folder.
10. Play!
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