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[Solved] Dissidia 12 graphics issue
07-29-2017, 02:32 PM
Post: #16
RE: Dissidia 12 graphics issue
It only tell us you have some kinda ARMv7 CPU, not your cyhipset, you should have checked AIDA64, and PPSSPP didn't show your board, it must be generic. Your GPU should actually be a Mali 400MP1, not enough to run PPSSPP at higher resolutions. If you want to play this game, get used to play at 1xPSP or get a new phone.

About graphics issues, that may be:

Quote:the problem here is the emulation of PSP GPU, we have critical graphics issue in some games, also performance problem, because PSP GPU uses old methods not used for recent GPUs, they have been changed to more efficient ones, and work arround this is not that simple.

If you want to help PPSSPP developers to solve problems, check this:
Maybe you'll find informations in game's thread, or if you have anything usefull (logs, improvement codes or cheats), repot there:
Or in github page:
I guess you would like to check the Global Rules:

Thread closed.

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