Forum Announcement: PPSSPP FAQs
12-16-2013, 01:31 AM

1. How can I get games for PPSSPP?
Once again: We do NOT support piracy. In short, the best way is to just rip your own games. Read this FAQ on how to dump games. does not and will not host game ISOs, so please stop asking in threads "where the download link is".

2. Will there be support for the touchpad of the Xperia Play device?
Yes, there will be support for that in the future.

3. The music in game xx doesn´t work
Make sure Enable Sound is on in Game Settings -> Audio, and that the volumes are set to max (currently 8). Also make sure your device's sound output is actually working. After that, if you still have no sound, report it as a bug in the game's thread.

4. My game crashes/doesn't load/is very slow
Please visit the Commercial Games - Compatibility and Results section to check if somebody already tested that game. You can also check this compatibility list. This emulator is in beta stage, so don't expect it to run all games for now.

5. Will there be support for PSone games, or the XMB (Xross Media Bar)?
PPSSPP is a PSP emulator only and is not going to add support for PS1 games. The XMB will not be supported or emulated at any point during PPSSPP's development.

6. I downloaded a git version of PPSSPP and it doesn't work
Please note that the git builds are just a preview of the final version, if something is broken or doesn't work anymore, please report it here

7. Why does game xy not work ?
The emulator is still in a beta stage again: please be patient and wait till more and more games become compatible.

8. Is there support for game pads on Android/PC (Windows/Linux/Mac)?
Yes, PPSSPP supports a number of game controllers in recent builds. Not all work, however, so please be patient as the emulator's development continues.

9. Can I resize/move the virtual buttons on my mobile device ?
Yes, you can. Set the positions, sizes, transparency, etc. under Game Settings -> Controls.

10. When will everything work?
Writing an emulator isn't that easy, there are still a lot of things to do. For more information see here

11. Can I use cheat codes with PPSSPP?
Yes, find out more here.

12. How can I support PPSSPP?
Visit this site to see how you can donate to PPSSPP and what you will get for doing so.

13. Does PPSSPP support online/wifi gaming?
PPSSPP supports Pro Online, which is still in an experimental stage. It emulates the PSP´s ad-hoc connection to other PSPs. Playing online using the psn network isn´t (and won´t be) possible.

14. Will PPSSPP support playing PS Vita Games?
The Vita isn't even hacked so it won't be possible to emulate it for a long time.

15. Will PPSSPP support playing PS1 EBOOTs or games?
No, PPSSPP is a PSP emulator for homebrew and commercial games, not a PS1 emulator, and there are no plans on implementing such support.

16. I´m getting an error on Windows when starting PPSSPP that says "msvcp120.dll is missing". What can I do?
You need the new Visual Studio 2013 runtimes for the new PPSSPP versions. Please download them here. For more information about this visit this thread.

Additional info can be found on the FAQ on the main page.
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