Forum Announcement: Global Forum Rules - READ THIS BEFORE POSTING
12-16-2013, 01:27 AM

Ignoring these rules can result in a warning, and/or a ban.

Your first post may take some time to appear, to avoid spam we have added a manual approval step.

1. Don't ask for warez/where to download games or post links to them!
Don't post links to download games, nor ask for help with pirated games. This isn't a warez site. Dump them with your PSP - instructions are here: . If you don't own them, then go and buy them. does not and will not host game ISOs, so please stop asking in threads "where the download link is".

2. Before posting, read the "READ BEFORE POSTING" thread in the specific sub-forum, if it has one.
Post in the right sub-forum.
Only report games if they haven´t been reported yet.
For more information look at "READ BEFORE POSTING"

3. If a game already has a thread, use the existing topic.
If you want the title changed just use report button and we will do it for you.

4. If you have questions first look at the PPSSPP FAQ or this FAQ on the official site.
Before posting questions that haven been answered already again, make sure to read through this whole post, to prevent the forum from being spammed.

5. Don't ask for ETAs (ETA = Estimated Time of Arrival).
The developers here provide their work for you for free, so just let them do their job on making PPSSPP awesome.

6. Please write in English in the main forum areas.
The PPSSPP user community is an international community that speaks many different languages. Therefore, please write in English on this forum, so we can understand and help you. Or visit the subforum according to your language, if you cannot write in English very well.

7. Do not spam!

8. Make sure you download the emulator from here
Or the development section of this forum.
Visit the "Builds, releases and ports" forum, when searching for the application for a platform not listed on the link above.
Some people on the Google Store copied the app and claimed it is their own, so make sure to check you get the original version.

9. Use common sense when posting. If it's illegal, don't post it. If if you have nothing nice to write to somebody else, don't write it at all!

10. Stop asking if ppsspp runs (well) on your device and just try it yourself. We can´t test ppsspp on every possible platform.
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