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Touch Screen Stutter
03-02-2023, 04:39 PM
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Touch Screen Stutter
I know PPSSPP on IOS isn’t the most popular thing, but there seems to be an issue that I haven’t seen anyone else address. Anyways, the issue is related to stutter whenever you tap the screen. Touch controls can even be disabled and still stutters and creates an audio skip. If I turn on the frame time graph there’s a large spike anytime you tap the screen. This makes me think it might be on the IOS side? Either way does anyone know of a fix (besides connecting a controller?) It’s odd though cause I use PPSSPP to read visual novels on my phone which actually has minimum button pressing compared to other games. So nobody having or noticing this issue seems odd.

I can verify it’s not my phone cause I just got a new one and it’s the same issue as my old one. I tried enabling guided access and that had no effect and I’ve also toyed with every setting in PPSSPP. I also noticed this issue is not prevalent on Android phones either.

Any helps would be great, thanks.
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