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Weird memory leak issue with OpenGL
11-27-2022, 12:31 PM (This post was last modified: 11-27-2022 12:58 PM by DarkDream787.)
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RE: Weird memory leak issue with OpenGL
Unless git build means something other than the newest version of the emulator available, I was doing just that. I was already using the latest build of the emulator, and tried many other versions of it as well.

I think it was an issue with more recent Nvidia drivers, and compatibility with the emulator. I have the most recent Nvidia driver installed on my computer. I spent hours changing one driver setting at a time in Nvidia Control Panel, and after lots of trial and error with different combinations of changes, there was only one fix that I could find. I narrowed it down to one single setting causing this issue for me.

There is an option in the Nvidia Control panel called Threaded Optimization. It can be found in the Manage 3D Settings part of the Nvidia control panel. I changed it from the default setting of Auto to Off. The issue stopped right after I did that. If I tried setting it back to Auto, or changing it to On, the issue persisted, and the memory problem was back again.

I have another computer I built years ago with a much older version of Nvidia Drivers installed. It's version 419.35 and released on 03/05/2019 according to information in the software on my older computer. This is not an issue at all on that computer. I can use any version of PPSSPP emulator, and this never happens. I can have that same option set to Auto, On, or Off, and this is never a problem on the computer with the older Nvidia driver installed. This has lead me to believe the issue is driver based, and the PPSSPP emulator version 1.8 or newer, does not like the newer Nvidia drivers for some reason when running it with OpenGL. Particularly that one setting.

I tried this on a friends computer who was just recently built, and it had the same exact issue as me. It was also fixed by changing that same exact setting on their computer as well.

In the end, I have solved the issue with a possible performance hit due to disabling that setting, but it seems to be running well so far without any noticeable lag as of yet. I have not noticed the setting change impacting the emulators performance in any way yet, but I will test it out more.
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