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Persona 3 Portable HD Texture Pack Community Expansion (WIP) [Updated 12/16/2021]
12-04-2020, 05:27 AM (This post was last modified: 12-04-2020 05:28 AM by TridentOfTheAbyss.)
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RE: Persona 3 Portable HD Texture Pack Expansion Using AI (WIP) [Updated 09/26/2020]
(12-03-2020 04:55 PM)ArcEnCiel Wrote:  
(11-28-2020 10:55 PM)hououin_kyouma Wrote:  Looks great Big Grin I did the same for just a few enemies (some beetles and shadows if I remember correctly), and they looked much better

I do have couple other ideas on what I could update with PS2 textures. I will post results when I have something substantial to show.

I'm wondering if maybe the Persona 4 Golden PC persona model textures work too. If they did, I'd imagine they'd be 4x the resolution instead of just 2x.

(11-25-2020 03:53 PM)BanhCanh Wrote:  ...

Sounds neat. BTW, in regards to the model being used for upscaling, I've been working on something. My friend has been training a model on the Persona 4 Golden PC and Persona 4 Arena Ultimax portraits which are 1024x1024 (4x the size of P3P's portraits), using Fatality MKII as a pretrained model. He's not done, but it's gone through 125,000 iterations and the result so far was pretty good. Here's a link to the model, but I recommend interpolating it with FatalPixels at .5 to produce 4x_FatalPixels_340000_G_4x_persona_mk3_125000_G_interp_0.5.pth:
It struggles with transparency so I upscale the alpha channels separately with 4x_FatalPixels_340000_G_4x_Fatality_MKII_90000_G_interp_05.pth, though pretty much anything that nails the alpha channels would work. Although this model is very close to the shape of the images that our model produces due to the similarities.
These are images produced by our model:

In regards to the blinking animations, I have found something very close to a solution. It stems from the fact that the bottom of the blinking animation is either 124 or 156 pixels from the bottom of the portrait. Therefore, the process of overlaying the blinking animation onto the portrait and cutting it out again can be almost automated. I've sorted and paired every portrait with their blinking animation and roughly grouped the portraits by blinking animation height for now (this is the sorted folder if anyone wants it:, but if the process of upscaling the portraits and blinking animations were to automated, here's what would need to happen:
1) Every portrait strangely has the transparent areas colored white (though you can't see it unless you remove the transparency). This negatively affects the upscaling and would need to be turned to black. This doesn't seem to be an issue with the blinking animations though.
2) The blinking animations would need to be pasted onto a copy of each portrait before upscaling, using the known heights. This means that this process would need to be performed twice for the two different heights.
3) The interpolated model I mentioned above would be used to upscale both versions of each portrait, with the other model used for alpha channels.
4) The blinking animations would be cut out of the portrait, based on the known height. To be more specific, since the blinking animations normally have transparency at the top and bottom, the blinking animation would actually be cut out to a size of 1024x232. After that, the canvas size of the image would be increased to 1024x256 so that there is transparency at the top and bottom of the blinking animation (see this for an example:
5) I did one manually and the resulting blinking animation looks something like this if it were in-game:

For the 6x texture pack, I would probably upscale both portrait versions by 1.5x at level 1 denoise using waifu2x after step 3 (which would obviously change the sizes in step 4), though I'm considering changing the 6x pack to a 4x pack.
Regardless, as it stands, I haven't been able to automate it and it takes too long for me to do manually.
Sorry for the long comment, but the results were so good, I felt like I had to explain this. Update on the pack hopefully coming soon.

(11-28-2020 10:55 PM)hououin_kyouma Wrote:  ...

Hey, since your pack is getting quite a lot more views than this one, I wanted to let you know that some of your persona status images in your pack aren't being used since they are misspelled in your textures.ini file. One example is abaddon.png, which is misspelled abbadon.png in the texture pack, but there are about a dozen more. Love your work and hope you can fix that real quick.
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