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PPSSPP causes performance issues
03-06-2020, 02:50 AM
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RE: PPSSPP causes performance issues
Well, the USB ports will be connected to a USB controller (likely on your motherboard.)

That means that you've got a few things that could be bad:
* The ports themselves
* The cable that connects the ports to your motherboard
* The part of the motherboard that handles USB
* It's still possible you've got power issues if your power supply doesn't have enough watts

Based on multiple ports, front and back, misbehaving - I'd worry that the motherboard is the problem. If it isn't the motherboard, you could just swap out the case (usually it's easy to put the guts of a computer into a new case, and cases aren't all that expensive.) But if it's the motherboard, you'd have the move the CPU etc. to the new motherboard which means cleaning and moving the thermal paste. It's a pain.

It's also possible to get a card that functions as a usb controller, and plug that card into the motherboard. Then you'd connect the ports to the card instead. This is simpler and probably cheaper than replacing the motherboard, but if the motherboard is actually broken in some way, there's every possibility it has other problems.

If this is a laptop though, then the parts aren't generic so you're better off asking someone to repair it.

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