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PPSSPP causes performance issues - JohnnyTheWolf - 03-01-2020 11:36 PM

Hello everyone,

I am experiencing some really odd performance issues ever since I moved to Windows 10 and I suspecting they are caused by PPSSPP.

Usually, what happens is that after a certain time, my Xbox 360 controller will suddenly become unresponsive and PPSSPP will only acknowledge keyboard controls. If I try restart the application, then I will be met with a black screen and PPSSPP will be marked as "unresponsive" in the Task Manager; I will also be unable to launch Steam or any game for that matter, but applications such as web browsers and media players will work just fine; Windows will get stuck on the shutdown or restart screen and I have to force shutdown by holding the Power button on my computer for a few seconds. Doing so will bring things back to normal, but then, I will start experiencing the same issues again every time I play on PPSSPP for a prolonged period of time.

I tried reinstalling Windows 10, doing a clean boot and adjusting Windows' system properties for best performance, to no avail. I have an Intel Core i5-330 3.30 GHz with 8 GB and my OS is Windows 10 64-bit.

RE: PPSSPP causes performance issues - [Unknown] - 03-02-2020 02:30 AM

That's very strange. I use a DualShock 4 controller similarly all the time, without any issues.

After how long of a play session does this normally happen? Are we talking minutes, hours? I assume it doesn't happen when playing other games for similar lengths of time.

Do you have another controller you could try? Or could you try using the keyboard for a while? This might help to narrow down if it's specifically caused by the controller. I suggest completely unplugging the Xbox 360 controller during any test to be sure.

You might also try plugging the controller in somewhere else (not just another USB port right next to where it is now, but ideally a different USB port as far from that as possible.)

I know a user once reported a conflict with Steam and controllers (I think it just made the controller behave erratically.) They had to close Steam when playing PPSSPP for controller input to work properly. If possible, it'd be best to try disabling/quitting as much as possible that runs in the background during such a test as well.

All that said, normally nothing PPSSPP can do should stop Windows from forcing it to quit. This sounds like a driver issue or a hardware fault, but hopefully it's not. Those can be particularly tricky to find:


RE: PPSSPP causes performance issues - JohnnyTheWolf - 03-02-2020 02:32 PM

Now that you mention it, I remember plugging my Xbox 360 controller caused my keyboard and mouse to stop functioning. I also used to plug the controller on the remaining USB port (the other broke) on the front side of my computer, but I had to stop doing that because the controller would oftentimes get briefly disconnected and then reconnect at random; I am now plugging it on the ports next to the ones where I have my mouse and keyboard plugged, on the back of my computer.

I wonder if the combination of running PPSSPP + the Xbox 360 controller + Windows 10 is causing some power-related issue. Of course, I do not get why this would only prevent me from playing games altogether and not just cause my computer to go out...

Anyway, I will try playing PPSSPP with the keyboard as you suggest. I will report back to this thread if I notice anything new. Thanks!

RE: PPSSPP causes performance issues - [Unknown] - 03-03-2020 04:06 AM

It could be a wiring fault or short then. If possible, I recommend cleaning out your computer. You can use a compressed air canister. Normal dust generally won't conduct electricity, so look for anything that has gotten into the computer otherwise.

Also check for wires that are overly close to fans or capacitors. Wires are shielded to prevent "noise", but if a wire has become worn or is too close to something, it may be getting mixed signals sometimes.

Insufficient power is also possible, and cleaning dust out of fans may stabilize power output. Another thing I'll suggest: use a surge protector. If your computer has experienced a surge unprotected, it may have already caused damage. And surge protectors can also make power output more stable.

As for the broken port: see if you can disconnect it somehow. A port that is broken could cause a short or some other problem. Ideally you don't want any power running through it.


RE: PPSSPP causes performance issues - JohnnyTheWolf - 03-03-2020 06:18 PM

The broken port has already been taken care of, in the sense that it did cause a short a while back and I since had it removed, as replacing it would have been a costlier operation: I now only use the remaining front USB port to connect my PSP to the computer. I do own a surge protector and I also regularly clean out my computer with a compressed air canister. I will check for wires, though.

As for PPSSPP itself, yesterday, I played a game with the keyboard for a while and I did not notice any problem. I will continue troubleshooting, but it really looks like the Xbox 360 controller connected on the back of my computer right next to the mouse and keyboard is the cuplrit.

Thanks for the advices!

RE: PPSSPP causes performance issues - JohnnyTheWolf - 03-06-2020 12:07 AM

Yup. I am all but certain at this point that whatever you call the thing that my USB ports are connected to (the power supply?) is the problem: I have been able to play games on PPSSPP all day long without any issue so long as I do not plug my Xbox 360 controller into any of the USB ports located at the back of my computer; plugging the controller to my remaining front USB port did not cause any performance issue, but alas the connection is not stable and the controller keeps getting disconnected. I guess it is good news for the PPSSPP developing team and bad news for me, as I will have to get my computer fixed.

Anyway, thanks for the troubleshooting tips!

RE: PPSSPP causes performance issues - [Unknown] - 03-06-2020 02:50 AM

Well, the USB ports will be connected to a USB controller (likely on your motherboard.)

That means that you've got a few things that could be bad:
* The ports themselves
* The cable that connects the ports to your motherboard
* The part of the motherboard that handles USB
* It's still possible you've got power issues if your power supply doesn't have enough watts

Based on multiple ports, front and back, misbehaving - I'd worry that the motherboard is the problem. If it isn't the motherboard, you could just swap out the case (usually it's easy to put the guts of a computer into a new case, and cases aren't all that expensive.) But if it's the motherboard, you'd have the move the CPU etc. to the new motherboard which means cleaning and moving the thermal paste. It's a pain.

It's also possible to get a card that functions as a usb controller, and plug that card into the motherboard. Then you'd connect the ports to the card instead. This is simpler and probably cheaper than replacing the motherboard, but if the motherboard is actually broken in some way, there's every possibility it has other problems.

If this is a laptop though, then the parts aren't generic so you're better off asking someone to repair it.


RE: PPSSPP causes performance issues - Zinx777 - 05-08-2021 07:41 AM

I didn't have that issue but I did notice something else I got.
When my Xbox One controller becomes unresponsive (because my usb cable is loose) PPSSPP will begin to stutter. until its connected again.
That happens on both Linux and Windows OS but I dunno if its something that should be expected.

RE: PPSSPP causes performance issues - DAOWAce - 05-14-2021 09:39 AM

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