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What controller should I get?
02-21-2015, 08:28 AM
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RE: What controller should I get?
(02-21-2015 07:47 AM)PainFoinmr Wrote:  Thanks for your reply ZeroX4. It was really detailed and now I know what kind of controller I really want. I just want to make sure (cause I am too paranoid of making mistakes) - if a controller has USB plug in, it should work without some kind of adapters, right? And if it has this usb cord, it will work without batteries?

about cord yes but!

there are exceptions like my trust GXT 30 i got usb receiver which u can see here (it looks like usb pen-drive)

but look here this is front image of my controller

did u notice in the center that mini usb port? i never tested it i dont know if its for wire usage or need to use my controller on playstation but its there so i assume i can use that cable to play without batteries

so wire not always mean it works only on wire but its only like 5% of controllers have both options

IF controller have hardwired cord (cord is part of controller and u cant plug it out) for sure it runs WITHOUT batteries
in 95% you CAN say that if controller have wire then its wire based usage

but as for ur 1st question about adapters this can be tricky
i dont know if regular xbox wireless controller + some kind of adapter will work on pc
probably will but i cant say for sure

thing u need to pay attention to is NAME OF CONTROLLER then you can google its spec and then you pay attention to what systems it support aside from what system it was made for

i seen many good ps2/3 controllers which support windows
but also i seen tons which are designed only for Play Station family and wont work on windows and i didnt had chance to test if it will work with some kind of adapter

even so i know there exist adapters for ps and xbox controller but how they mix with 3rd party controllers is not so clear it can or can not work i dont know

ur best choice is to search controllers that have windows support in specs

even so im not expert i just had like over 20 controllers in my life which ony 2 i had wireless so i can be wrong in many cases

but most of the time its better to buy good wire controller than shitty wireless controller trust me

if you get any controllers u will consider to buy put links to them here and i can help you select

Try AntiMicro graphical program used to map keyboard keys and mouse controls to a gamepad/controller.
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