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What controller should I get?
02-21-2015, 06:31 AM (This post was last modified: 02-21-2015 06:54 AM by ZeroX4.)
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RE: What controller should I get?
(02-20-2015 07:50 PM)PainFoinmr Wrote:  Hello!
With the download of this awesome emulator, I wanted to buy a controller. What should I get? Should I go for a fancy X360 controller? I read that the wireless requires batteries (can't you just charge it with cord like Dualshock 3?). Does Wired X360 has a USB plug? If so, can I just buy any Wired X360 or are there some PC adapted controllers that I should look for?
Maybe there are other controllers that are plug and play for PPSSPP that have D-pad just like on Dualshock not like on X360?

few years ago i buy sony mp4 player it have chargeable built-in battery in it so i dont need to buy extra battery for it

but from when at 1st years it had like over idk maybe 30-40 hours of play time now it have like 8hours of play time

and now im looking for mp3 player which uses normal AA or AAA battery so i can use re-chargeable accumulator batteries

and now you wonder why i talk about mp3/4 player when you ask about controller

well look if in my mp4 battery power storage amount did drop from 30-40h to 8h same will happen to any controller

so in my opinion its better to have option to replace battery with AA or AAA battery than built in battery cause you lets say ur controller would need 2 batteries and you just buy 4 re-chargeable accumulators and have 2 inside ur controller and other 2 already charged waiting to use at any time

this way you will never wait for re-charge when ur controller battery is out of power

and i did exact thing with my controller but my uses 3xAAA batteries and so i have 6xAAA re-chargeable accumulators 3 of them are now in the controller and when they run out of power i just take other 3 which are charged already and replace them with used ones and keep playing while that out of power ones will be charging

+ of that is fact even when the power they can hold will drop i will just buy new accumulators and in like my mp4 case im in deep s#!t cause getting new built-in battery for it and replacing it is uber hard cause i need battery for exact same model of my mp4 or i need to by new mp4 player (so im going for mp3 player running on batteries ) so in conclusion i believe same thing goes for controllers with built-in battery

thats why i think device which uses normal AA/AAA batteries will always be better cause you should not be forced to exchange whole device when battery start to lose power storage or maybe it will be out of production already like now i have problem with psp battery thats just retarded

2nd thing is how far you sit from ur pc if ur in front of it like in front of desktop then whats they point for getting wireless one? if you like me are playing on ur bed far from pc then its essential to have wireless one

recently i did buy this piece of epic s#!t
Trust GXT 30

works perfect only complain i can have about it is that i cant set start or select to turbo

and that what you should look for when you are selecting controller does it have turbo and clear buttons

turbo and clear allows you to lets say when you hold button 1 and press turbo then it will go to turbo mode/rapid fire mode and clear just reverts it to its original state

you think you dont need it maybe? well after u use it once you will realize you cant play without it

i dont use it often but when i need it is there

you can compare it to like you played any pc game game with controller after u did once you just feel u cant go back to keyboard

also look what button layout controller have for example this 2 controllers

they have buttons up from analogues so close to each other its easy to miss press any of them and when your playing u should be able to memorize where they are and just press them not even looking on controller but here you would need to look often even after you memorize

so keep that in mind

and here is biggest garbage i ever had

it only looks ok but for the reason that start select turbo auto mode and clear buttons are so close to each other this is worst controller i ever had

so always look on button layout before u decide

and if u dont care about turbo and clear buttons and just want it to work

1 that i had and was very well made is logitech rumblepad

if it would have turbo and clear buttons for me it would be best controller ever made but it dont Tongue

it runs on 2xAA batteries

Try AntiMicro graphical program used to map keyboard keys and mouse controls to a gamepad/controller.
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