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Linux ppa not maintained and very old
12-29-2019, 01:13 AM
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RE: Linux ppa not maintained and very old
linux version has the same compatibility as latest version and hasn't changed that much at all in years still the same problems can be found on games that should be working if the logs are to be belllieved sadly the truth is those games work in the same way they worked on old versions same bugs,same corrupt saves,games not saving and similar problems found on version 0.9.5 no solution to date so everyone in linux community saw this as garbage updates because no solutions are to be found even when releasing the ppa and people complaining said updates did nothing or they never fixed games problems.

developers should remove discord presence on the emu because (reason of why nobody wants to update the linux version)
1.- is against gpl
2.- is invasive to privacy.
3.- code is insecure and could be used for other practices
4.- it slowdown the emulator making games unplayable sometimes.
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RE: Linux ppa not maintained and very old - Tabris666 - 12-29-2019 01:13 AM

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