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Linux ppa not maintained and very old - Planetoid128Nero - 01-28-2019 02:34 PM

Hi there, sorry about complaining but the Linux ppa version of ppsspp is very old and not maintained, to some of us the Ppa is somewhat the easiest and quickest way to update, and as the Linux version ppa is very old, I request you to update and maintain these ppa's.

RE: Linux ppa not maintained and very old - Abbanon - 01-28-2019 09:30 PM

To sum it up:
The majority of PPSSPP's userbase is found on Android and Windows.
So the lead devs try to handle those builds as a priority.
Meaning there's no reason for them to waste time updating the other builds on top of those two, since the userbase for those other builds are very small by comparison.

PPSSPP is open-source though, so if anyone wants to step up to the plate and update the Linux version themselves, they are more than allowed to do it.
We're just waiting on people to step up and do it, basically. If they want it, they can make it. And then we can release it as a download.

RE: Linux ppa not maintained and very old - Tabris666 - 12-29-2019 01:13 AM

linux version has the same compatibility as latest version and hasn't changed that much at all in years still the same problems can be found on games that should be working if the logs are to be belllieved sadly the truth is those games work in the same way they worked on old versions same bugs,same corrupt saves,games not saving and similar problems found on version 0.9.5 no solution to date so everyone in linux community saw this as garbage updates because no solutions are to be found even when releasing the ppa and people complaining said updates did nothing or they never fixed games problems.

developers should remove discord presence on the emu because (reason of why nobody wants to update the linux version)
1.- is against gpl
2.- is invasive to privacy.
3.- code is insecure and could be used for other practices
4.- it slowdown the emulator making games unplayable sometimes.

RE: Linux ppa not maintained and very old - [Unknown] - 01-01-2020 03:16 AM

That'd be very strange if true. The Windows and Android community has seemed happy with the updates in the past few years, improving speed and compatibility in a lot of games. Most of these improvements apply to Linux as well, but anyone is free to contribute their own improvements - it's open source after all. If you're personally not satisfied, the best way to fix that is to roll up your sleeves.

Discord can be easily disabled at compile time. The current code we use is actually MIT, I think, but it's deprecated and the new SDK they want us to use is apparently indeed not GPL compatible. It sounds like your comments might be about another emulator that is using this other SDK? Definitely a concern if it impacts emulator performance (the current one we use has negligible performance impact afaik.)

PPSSPP is a community open source project. Someone came along and contributed a PPA. They've moved on with their life after several years. No one else has stepped up to manage the PPA and I'm not sure anyone still involved has access to it anyway. Anyone here volunteering to help with that situation?