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Guide:- Compiling PPSSPP on Windows for Dummies (updated for MSVC 2013)
02-18-2014, 08:30 PM (This post was last modified: 02-18-2014 08:46 PM by Oblivion.)
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RE: Guide:- Compiling PPSSPP on Windows for Dummies (updated for MSVC 2013)
Thank you. I didn't have time to reply last week.

Initially, I tried to revert the merge. That did not work out well. I had to choose a parent but I did not know which one to choose.

The command to revert the commit is correct but I had to make a modification to your command pertaining to the order of the commits (SHA-1 hashes) shown in your command.

Your command:

(02-10-2014 09:56 PM)solarmystic Wrote:  
git revert --no-edit 2f7243b 09f1c79 60cf5df b48de95 c6dc6b4 9cfb864

When I enter this command in the terminal, I received an "error: could not revert b48de95...duplicate framebuffers textured onto themselves."

I decided to restore to the original master and reverse the order of the commits ((SHA-1 hashes) by [Unknown]) shown in your command. This modification allow Git Bash to revert the commits successfully.

git revert --no-edit 2f7243b 9cfb864 c6dc6b4 b48de95 60cf5df 09f1c79

Also, I ran into a problem with running this command. (Unfortunately, reinstalling git does not fix the problem) Other commands work fine except for this one:
git submodule update --init
The command occasionally hangs or freezes the Git Bash terminal so I had to follow FAQ Q7 for the other half of the submodules.

(08-01-2013 05:57 PM)solarmystic Wrote:  7. I've a totally offline PC but have access to another PC with Internet that I can use to get the source files. How do I compile PPSSPP on my system?
(question courtesy of arg274 and answer credited to Daxtsu)

Refer to this post for the answer.

(08-13-2013 12:54 PM)daxtsu Wrote:  If you want to do an offline build, you're better off downloading the latest master zip file, followed by native, ffmpeg, and lang, then extracting those latter 3 in the master's native, ffmpeg and lang folders, then compiling. You can skip lang and ffmpeg most of the time if you already have them; they're not updated often..

Not much point going through the whole git thing if you can't update to begin with.

Also, adjust your expectations accordingly, since without the fine control with individual commits offered by git bash that requires an online connection, you'll have redownload the bulk files everyday from your PC with the Internet connection. I highly recommend that you actually use the PC with the persistent Internet connection to compile PPSSPP.

For this part you should also include the dx9sdk (minidx9) submodule if you do not want to run into an error while compiling under MSVC 2013.
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