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Final Fantasy I - JP/US/EU
07-18-2018, 11:37 PM (This post was last modified: 07-18-2018 11:37 PM by DwarfWarden.)
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RE: Final Fantasy I - JP/US/EU
(06-09-2017 01:17 AM)BlackBomber Wrote:  Can someone please port the "All Items" JP cheat code of this game to US?
and also can someone port the "Full Bestiary" cheat on JP to US? thanks

I don't mean to use thread necromancy but this is slightly doable.

I used the JP 'all items' code with the US version and it does in fact set the inventory to have 80 of all items.....EXCEPT for the Crystal Ring, Crystal Gloves, and Angel Ring. While I'm okay with not having the Angel Ring (since it's literally impossible to get) what annoys me is that the Crystal Ring and Crystal Gloves are damn near impossible to get. The only way to get those is to get very specific configurations of their respective dungeons, and while the Soul of Chaos guide on Gamefaqs under the Dawn of Souls remake still applies it only contains a surefire way to make sure you get the configuration for the Crystal Ring, I've never even been able to determine if anyone got the Crystal Gloves before. So if someone could amend this code to give every item that would be extremely appreciated.

Someone else requested a 100% item drop code and while I'd appreciate that as well I'd also like to request a code to guarantee stat gains on level-ups. You can get maximum stats by running Whisperwind Cove repeatedly to get all the stat boosting items an infinite number of times but specifically Agility must hit 99 naturally if you want maximum stats, because gaining Agility by level-up adds 2 Evasion but using a Speed Plus item only increases Evasion by 1. Thus getting max Agility is a bit of a chore involving resets and/or savestates.
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