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02-19-2014, 10:01 AM (This post was last modified: 02-19-2014 10:14 AM by tiktakt0w.)
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Ok, let me settle this straight.


You: "as I said before, its your money, go buy what you want, its not my loss anyway..."

Me: I'm not gonna buy anything. Have you forgotten that I was giving advice to OP?. I am perfectly happy with my MSI GE40.


You: "what are you talking about? Im comparing a mobile APU to a moblie i3..."

Me: Can't you read? I clearly stated "Don't compare mobile i3 to APU's from AMD.". I find it fascinating that you just can't get the point that OP's friend is not gonna buy a Laptop.


You: "and dont say Im comparing apples to oranges because theyre the same, both actualy has all you need to consider them APUs..."

Me: I never said that you were. I know full well that they are similarly categorized. And I know that mobile I3 is lacking graphics wise. That's why I said "don't compare MOBILE i3 to APU's from AMD".

And anybody in they're right mind would agree to me that If you currently own an i3 laptop, upgrading to an AMD APU wouldn't even be worthy of being called an upgrade if, it's for gaming.


You: "I have no use for a dedicated GPU without HSA features..."

Me: alright. But OP' friend doesn't need that. With his budget (40-50k php), he can easily build a Monster rig.


You: "cant go toe to toe with the 650 Ti? this isnt the llano generation anymore,while its true that iGPUs still cant match dedicated mid range to high end cards, the difference is no longer as big as you think... the only thing holding back kaveri is lack of dedicated and ultra fast RAM, then again youll argue that its not dedicated so it sucks so ill stop here...".

Me: You got something wrong there. Comparing Kaveri to current mid to high end cards is BS.

The difference is no longer as big as I think? Well sorry big guy, the difference is so big I don't even need to explain it further.

And why buy components that are being held back by something? Lol.


You: "are you serious?, GTX 480 has such a horrible performance per watt, 190 vs 110 of the 650 Ti... the performance difference is too small to justify the power difference, and why buy an old card when the new lower middle class cards leaves both in the dust... while being cheaper as well..

Me. To be fair, the gtx 480 is VERY power hungry.
But the permance difference is huge. The Gtx 650ti is the same as the gtx 650ti boost, the latter, which is superior than the former, still can't match the old gtx 480 in terms of peformance. I merely included the gtx 480 in my previous post for comparison and I never told anybody to go for it and buy one.

And no, current lower middle class cards doesn't leave them both in the dust. The only thing that they are good at is less power consumption and being more expensive. Yes, you, yourself stated that cards are expensive here in the Phils. So why buy newer gen cards when you can get better value from previous generation? Especially here in this country where cards are freaking expensive? *grin*


You: "once again, I need an APU for my future plans, which need mantle, HSA, and hUMA... laughable upgrade? well see soon enough once youre so called cutting edge CPU is no longer the dominant part of a PC system...

Me: yes, laughable, except if you are gonna get a dedicated GPU. Well, by now, I pretty much know that you won't be getting one. I will not even be recommending a Kaveri+Dedicated gpu system for gaming and no, I am no Intel nor Nvidia Fanboy coz I am very confident in recommending an fx8350+dedicated gpu system.

And I am not longing for a "dominant PC system". What I want is a system that handles my gaming needs. Begone you pc heirarchy monarch.


You: "and one more thing, you seem to be under the impression that I'm recommending the APU for him... I'm not, I clearly stated above that that I recommend the APU for budget gaming...

Me: Contradiction much? Why even recommend something if you're not intending to recommend it in the first place? Things like that only adds confusion to new users in the forums.

Have a nice day. Smile

P.S. To O.P. With that budget, your friend could easily get an i5 3570 for the processor and an AMD 7870 for the gpu. RAM's aren't that expensive. Stay away from 5400RPM HDD's. Try to get a faster one, 7200RPM Preferably. SSD's are damn expensive here in the Philippines. Avoid them in the meantime. Just don't go crazy in choosing an expensive motherboard and try not to get the fanciest of them desktop pc cases and you will be under 40k. Smile

Have fun! Smile

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02-19-2014, 12:32 PM
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1. no, I wasn't talking to you, I was talking to whoever's planning to buy and assemble a computer system, its their money, their decisions, and if they're not wise, their loss...

2. I wasnt recommending the APU to OP's friend, I was merely saying that mobile APUs and mobile i3s are on the same footing now... did I even mention his name even once or said anything that he should get the APU? no? well your argument is invalid...

3. I cant comprehend the logic behind your statement... both have strengths and weaknesses, CPU wise the i3 wins but its not as big as the difference GPU wise... and these laptop systems have no dedicated GPU, and your still saying the i3 wins? everyone knows that HD 4000 is a joke and is no match to the 7660G of the APU...

4. true, with that budget you can build a very good rig, but keep in mind that its performance when you buy it will be the same for years to come(overclocking included) and has no more potential for performance increases(in hardware support level)...

5. I wasn't comparing it to mid to high end as I clearly stated that its no match to mid to high end video cards, the kaveri APUs R7 graphics is around the transition between entry level to mid end which proves that its no longer as big as you think, and why compare it to high end cards which has around 2800+ shaders and GDDR5 RAM compared to kaveri's 512, and DDR3 memory...

6. where did you get the impression that I was telling them to buy the new mid end cards here in the Phils? not even once did I say anything related to that, I was merely informing them of their potential loss in buying last gen hardware as opposed to current gen... and more expensive and merely lower TDP? while I do understand that some current gen cards are merely rebadging of last gen GPUs, if you research carefully, you can find toned down versions of the top end GPUs which along with theyre new GPU architecture features and benefits, comes an almost sure increase in performance... I did mention in one of my post that I bought my RAM in Ebay, now what does that imply I wonder? hmm, think carefully now...

7. what are you talking about? I wasnt buying the APU in the future for its performance, but for its features, study carefully why HSA is the future in computing for both smartphones and PCs...

8. please study the difference between informing and recommending, all of my posts are in informative form and this still happened? I even compared some CPUs and clearly stated the weaknesses and strengths of both processors to be fair... not even once did my post contained an assurance for my advice, or even a conclusion of the comparison since the decision is still up to the one planning to buy one and informing them of what theyll get is better than simply saying "I recommend this CPU cause its good..."

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02-19-2014, 02:46 PM
Post: #18
Ya know? You're really contradicting yourself.

Ya said ”I clearly stated above that that I recommend the APU for budget gaming..."

And now you're saying "please study the difference between informing and recommending, all of my posts are in informative form and this still happened?"

What the F? Let's end this discussion. Discussing things with people who contradicts themselves will end up in an endless loop of rubbish and will never end.

I am perfectly knowledgeable of the things that you're trying to say I don't.

P.S. ,

Don't take this personaly,

please do take the time to read thoroughly before reacting to ensure your replies will be as comprehensive and as close to the topic as possible. Wink

This thread should be closed to prevent flame wars.

Have a nice day! Smile

Ryzen 5 1600 @3.8Ghz
Sapphire Nitro+ RX480 @1.4Ghz
Nokia 8 - Snapdragon 835
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02-19-2014, 06:56 PM
Post: #19
indeed, Is that all? good, cause Im gettin tired as well...

however, quite honestly, I gave half-assed effort in these things but I made sure its at least reliable and yes, the only time I pour all my attention in researching these stuff is when I myself is the one planning to buy, so yeah, I guess I did say that I recommend the APU for budget gaming, still, I didnt give assurance to it as its not my money anyway...

then again, maybe its because I started to pour even less attention to this thread after my first post since the words "Its their money, they should buy what they want, this isnt gonna give me any benefit at all so why even bother..." repeatedly goes on in my head as I type my next posts...

well, enough of this, flame wars? I dont have time for that, I could care less whatever happens to AMD, Intel or Nvidia...

however, this is the last time I give my two cents to strangers, just like above, I could care less whatever system you buy... or whatever happens to you or your money since its not mine, Ive got nothing to lose and that's all that matters...

see you guys later, hehehehe... and one more thing, maybe its also because my teachers are really annoying me at the moment so my mind's not as clear as usual? Tongue

Intel Core i3-3110M | 8GB DDR3-1600 Dual Channel RAM | Intel HD 4000 | Windows 7 SP1 Ultimate 64-bit
Cloudfone Thrill 430D | MTK 6577 SoC
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02-21-2014, 10:28 PM
Post: #20
If he has that kind of cash for a computer. He can make a beast computer. Assuming my conversions are correct.
Don't let him buy anything off that piece of paper. Everything on there is basically useless besides the 1 I5.
Go get a unlocked I7
Go get a Nvidia Geforce 770 +
Get a SSD
16 gigs of ram minimum
Get a good motherboard that can actually handle overclocking
Get a 800 watt power supply platinum +
If the conversions I used are correct that is like $3700 US dollars.
He can build any system he wants. Even have 2 Titan video cars and still make that budget.

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