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Wired XBOX 360 Controller (D-Pad Issue) [fixed?]
07-20-2014, 03:08 PM
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RE: Wired XBOX 360 Controller (D-Pad Issue)
(07-20-2014 11:54 AM)Elvis_Nilsson Wrote:  
(07-20-2014 09:53 AM)ZeroX4 Wrote:  
(07-20-2014 06:27 AM)Elvis_Nilsson Wrote:  Have you tried binding both a D-pad up and Right analog up for the up command then?

To see if you get the same issue.

I have like 4 things bound to the up command (3 by default), the issue only occurs if you bind any of the left or right analog commands to a D-pad function. Then the D-pad function get's wacky, only working 30% of the time or less. The analog binding works fine, but the D-pad one, that WAS working fine BEFORE I bound an analog command to it, doesn't.

Edit: The problem isn't getting the D-pad OR the Analog to work. The problem is getting BOTH to work at the same time (I wanna use one for camera control and the other for menu control in FF Type-0) ^^

link (I can't post them, even in quotes ^^)

and puff ur problem solved

Very cool, seems to work now.

But I'm a bit fuzzy on how it works... Does Anti Micro just rape your other driver routines and override them, cause I just configured the D-pad buttons and removed the default XBox settings in PPSSPP ^^?

Is this an driver issue, ppsspp issue or psp (read that bit about max 8 buttons) issue?

Edit2: Another weird thing... when I turn off Anti Micro, after having remove all PPSSPP settings for the D-pad that aren't keyboard based... the D-pad still registers and works like normal in PPSSPP? Curious...

(07-20-2014 09:54 AM)Henrik Wrote:  I committed an update that should improve this quite a bit: link

It still acts a little erratically when you use both your dpad and the mapped analog stick at the same time, but it should feel a lot better.

Sorry have no clue what I'm supposed to do with that code.

But ZeroX4's solution worked fine for me.

Edit: I have no file named EmuScreen.cpp

Oh, sorry. You will see this change in the builds from the buildbot.
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07-20-2014, 09:57 PM
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RE: Wired XBOX 360 Controller (D-Pad Issue) [fixed?]

consider this to make it sticky/pinned thread or what ever its name of it

this can save many frustrations of users and even give them more benefit than just a simple help

like fixing Maximus problem in just few secs

Try AntiMicro graphical program used to map keyboard keys and mouse controls to a gamepad/controller.
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