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LAN Play with (PC) PPSSPP and PSP
11-28-2016, 12:09 AM (This post was last modified: 11-28-2016 12:29 AM by Lutiel.)
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RE: LAN Play with (PC) PPSSPP and PSP
(11-27-2016 02:31 PM)melancholicman Wrote:  Hi, I've tried to play patapon 3 (psp+ppsspp) but can't connect on psp. My psp sees the connection(the "hideout" in game) but when i press it, it immediately says that can't connect with other "hideouts".
upnp - turned on
renamed pspnet_miniupnc.prx
disabled iso cache in recovery
enabled memory in recovery
two empty lines are in hotspot and server files

I guess connection is ok if psp sees it so router must be ok

What can I do?

i was able to play only once. with a guy from US.i suppose we were too far from each other
we could connect and even play a level once.

to play on coldbird with someone, you need really good internet. i mean very very super strong connection(=. but if you see each other's hideot then you did everything right. check your setups with something like monster hunter unite. im pretty sure you are fine.
so far i could only get it work with my home router(pc-router-psp).it works great. just remember - you need a real psp for this. and psp should host hideout

just tested recent build from
only settings i changed is network. it works fine. i have a good pc though

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I will play multiplayer MHU, MHP3rd, Patapon 3, Final Fantasy Type-0, any racing, maybe MGS peace walker.
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