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LAN Play with (PC) PPSSPP and PSP
08-26-2016, 02:07 PM
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RE: LAN Play with (PC) PPSSPP and PSP
(08-24-2016 11:52 PM)aylamato Wrote:  Hi everyone! New not only to PPSSPP, but to PSPs in general, so please forgive me if anything I say sounds exceptionally newbish.

So I'm having a bit of an issue with this on the PSP end of things. I've downgraded from 6.61 to 6.60, installed 660PRO-C, followed the tutorial on setting up the PRO Online Client, enabled Force High Memory Layout, disabled iso cache, ensured that my game plugin was enabled, and connected my PSP to the internet. I've seemingly done everything correctly, and yet when I boot up the game (YuGiOh GX Tag Force 2) it crashes on startup. The PSP logo appears, it goes dark and then after a few seconds it shuts off. I've read that this could be an issue with hotspot.txt, but my SSID is written there correctly and so I don't believe that could be the issue. I have upnp enabled so that's not it either. Look, all I wanted to do was play some cards and if I had any idea it would be this frustrating I wouldn't have bothered. Anybody on here know what is causing my issue and how I could fix it? I would appreciate any assistance.

Oh, I'm not sure if this matters but I guess it's worth mentioning anyway. While my PSP says it's connected to the internet when I run the test, I can't actually use the browser as I get a handshake error. I can, however, use the Internet Search feature. Weird.

try to delete\replace pspnet_miniupnc.prx file in kd folder

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