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LAN Play with (PC) PPSSPP and PSP
02-02-2016, 07:03 PM
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Problem with Lan play between ppsspp and psp
Hi everyone,
I hope you can help me to fix an error that occured when i try to play with my psp connecting with my friend that use a pc with ppsspp (The games are Monster hunter portable 3rd and Monster hunter freedom unite)
I have a psp 2000 and a cfw 6.60 PRO-C installed on it, i have the pro online plugins installed(that is called atpro.prx on my plugins) and i have followed every single thing writed in the thread called: LAN Play with (PC) PPSSPP and PSP(dunno why i can't link the discussion) that is present in this forum pratically:
1. I connect my psp to the router we use to connect each other and verify the connection
2. I enable the atpro.prx plugin in the recovery menu
3. i modify the server.txt with the ip of my router (in this case
4. i modify the hotspot.txt with my router ssid (that is fastweb-1- ecc. ecc.)
5. on the pc we use ppsspp we modify in networking>Change PRO ad hoc server IP address with the ip of my router(
But my friend on the pc can join the online lobby and ecc. but me on my psp have an error that said: A communications error has occurred. and he keep saying that every single time and if i press the home button he say: Waiting for adhoc ssid setup.
I really dunno what to do now and i hope someone of you can help me
P.s it says the same things on both the games
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