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GUI navigation with gamepad is partly broken on OUYA
12-19-2013, 12:32 AM (This post was last modified: 12-19-2013 12:34 AM by dlanor.)
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GUI navigation with gamepad is partly broken on OUYA
I've neglected PPSSPP testing for a while, so tonight when I decided to test recent versions more thoroughly on my OUYA I was shocked to discover a basic failure of the GUI navigation. Whenever I've scrolled the selection cursor by holding down a DPad button for a while there is a high risk of a malfunction where PPSSPP seemingly generates ghost button presses in reverse directions, so that the selection cursor keeps jumpin up and down between two rows or left and right between two columns (icons or whatever). Once this auto-repeat has been triggered it seems impossible to stop, so the only way out is to D-click the OUYA button and tell the system to exit PPSSPP.

Strangely enough this problem has never affected in-game behaviour, so it's almost certainly due to GUI-specific code.

Another oddity worth mentioning is that I do not see the same problem on another Android device with a USB gamepad (a Pipo Tablet).

NB: I'm unsure whether this problem was triggerable before the most recent OUYA update (Dec 18 2013), since I didn't test this issue then, and OUYA updates are not reversible. But whatever the case may be, this is now a serious issue on the OUYA, making it almost impossible to handle the GUI menus either pre-game or in a paused game, for cheats etc. (It can be done, by carefully scrolling only one row per keypress. Any more than that and the bug is likely to strike.)

After discovering the problem I started testing older versions to find where this problem started, and quickly noted that ALL v0.9.6-* versions are affected. Further testing showed that the last non-affected build available to me is v0.9.5-843, while v0.9.5-847 has the problem fully developed. The builds in between have no build-bot binaries available for download, so I can't test those. But judging by the brief build descriptions I consider build 845 to be the main culprit.

Its 'Commit Log' comment simply states:
"Update native (key repeat simulation, makes navigating the UI with gamepad nicer)."

And since the problem consists of unwanted auto-repeat of keys/buttons, this modification of build v0.9.5-845 is definitely related to it.

I'm posting this report both in the development forum and as an official issue at github.

Best regards: Ronald Andersson (aka: dlanor)
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