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Dreamcast Emulator "Reicast" [Android/Multi-Platform]
08-20-2014, 02:34 AM (This post was last modified: 08-20-2014 02:54 AM by The Phoenix.)
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Information RE: Dreamcast Emulator "Reicast" [Android/Multi-Platform]
(08-19-2014 07:54 PM)irock2much Wrote:  Can you post a guide on how to set up the files? I'm using samsung s4 and it's pretty hard since I can't find the files.
Hi there, try this.........

Please note I used the file manager that came with my tablet to create the folders & renamed them as well.

Place a folder called dc (/mnt/sdcard/dc) <- as shown here.
Inside that folder place a new folder called data (/mnt/sdcard/dc/data) <- as shown here.
Inside that folder place dc_bios.bin + dc_boot.bin + dc_flash.bin + buttons.png (Please note: dc_bios.bin & dc_boot.bin are the same file, but named different, wasn't sure which one was recognised by the emulator, so used both).
You can place your games in any folder, i have mine here: (/mnt/extsd/Game Roms/DC Games.
Once the emulator is run the first time, it will create a file called - emu.cfg that should be next to the data folder, where the vmu_save_A1.bin & vmu_save_A2.bin will be created, but you have to go first to VMU main screen in the emulator as shown here:
By clicking on Boot Dreamcast BIOS.
Once there, you have to setup your 2 x VMU's to whatever colours & characters, then it formats (creates the 2 files) the cards for you, once done, its ready for your games to save on.
In fact the latest versions of Reicast have Cloud VMU support using Dropbox (Truly awesome program, i highly recommend using Dropbox).

Sorry if this is confusing as I am not good at explaining things, but anyway I hope this helps. Cool
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