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Dreamcast Emulator "Reicast" [Android/Multi-Platform]
12-21-2013, 11:59 PM (This post was last modified: 12-22-2013 12:10 AM by ppssp213.)
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RE: Dreamcast Emulator "Reicast" (Out Now) [Android]
(12-21-2013 06:45 PM)drk||Raziel Wrote:  
(12-20-2013 01:32 PM)Terminator Wrote:  Guys, will the devs of reicast port this emulator for iOS platform? I really want this!! I have 3 Dreamcast at home. Best time I have had ever on DC system.

None of us has iHardware right now. I was looking into it, but we'll need to get the cheapest mac possible and iphone4s (min) for testing. It'll also require jailbroken device. Nothing that can't be done, but it'll take some time Smile

(12-21-2013 06:30 PM)ppssp213 Wrote:  Thanks for that, did some research and it seems v5 was added in 0.145u1 of mame.
So we need to be using v145 for v4 with reicast as it contains the latest fixes up to v5.

I'll update the code tomorrow for next release to address this issue Smile

Are you adding multithreading for the process of streaming the roms?, I noticed slight lag between crazy taxi's main menu transitions when using chd's, this happens just before the driver selection screen comes up, theres a 1-2 second pause of a blank yellow screen before it resumes to the driver selection., but with gdi's no noticable slowdown. In-game I didn't notice any lag at all with either, no audio stutter :-)

The only lag I get is when the controls every so often lock up and the frame rate drops but this happens with gdi's also so no difference.
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