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[Solved] The Memory Stick Used To Start This Game Is Not Inserted
12-17-2013, 01:54 AM
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RE: The Memory Stick Used To Start This Game Is Not Inserted
It probably is unencrypted, the file doesn't change extenshion or anything between being decrypted and encrypted, the contents are just not being encrypted when saved with encryption turned off.
Most of your threads seem to be related to cheating games, so I'll say it as cleary as I can, save game editing is most bothersome and inefficient way of cheating, nobody does that nowadays unless the game stores it's data in stupidly easy to understand way or it is the only option like a console without homebrew or cheating tools and that's not the case of multiplatform emulators. The save while being decrypted will still have it's own format to understand, most of the time it's also compressed and secured by a hash or two to avoid loading corrupted data, it's nothing to be easily edited. It's much quicker to edit stuff directly in memory than wasting time trying to understand the file structure.
Decrypting MH save was only usefull to find it in game memory to restore it, MGS game would rather not store it like that to begin with, as it's pure waste of memory which more advanced games that stand on the edge of the console limitations cannot do and MGS series is known for that, that's also why many cheats to those games must use pointers as all it's data is dynamically allocated and moved around to fit limited space.

Anyway that's an oftop, unrelated to inability to normally save in MH game after abusing save states. Each game is different and almost nothing can be universally explained.
Long story, I found that MH save is stored in memory as by checking memory differences between saving I noticed a huge chunk of data being changed which was really close in size to actual save game, found it last time similar thread was made, but since I couldn't really confirm back then that this chunk of data actually is save as it didn't looked at all as the save in memstick I couldn't help back then;p. Just recently I found out that I can turn off decryption and this time such problem arised I used that bit of knowledge with previous findings to confirm that chunk of data was save which can be extracted to fix the irritating issue or even restore corrupted save if it fails saving by some strange bug as long as we still have savestate which has it stored. The guide I left above should hopefully make it possible if not easy for anyone with this problem to restore save paired with ss, but this applies only to MH. - Custom PPSSPP Shaders! - simple CE scripts to help creating CWCheats, - CWCheat workarounds.
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