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PPSSPP and the Ouya controller
12-12-2013, 10:34 PM
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PPSSPP and the Ouya controller
First, let me say I've been lurking around these forums ever since I picked up my Ouya. I absolutely love ppsspp and have been using it since July. I've enjoyed the incremental improvements over that time, and I'm excited about what the future holds.

I became a member because of an issue I've noticed in the 0.9.6 android ppsspp. In the emulator menu, the dpad intermittently pulls the highlighted area all the way left or right, or it flickers between two items. It usually happens after I've started up a game and then return to the ppsspp menu. Exiting ppsspp then restarting fixes it for a short time. The problem does not occur while running a game, only in the ppsspp menu. The problem has been confirmed in at least one other Ouya.

I've also tried the most recent build (13, I think) and the issue persists. I'm wondering, has anyone who uses a controller for android ppsspp experienced this issue, or is it solely the Ouya console? Is this something that can be fixed?
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