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Game Compatibilty with Ouya
12-01-2013, 02:28 AM (This post was last modified: 12-01-2013 02:33 AM by dlanor.)
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RE: Game Compatibilty with Ouya
(11-28-2013 04:44 AM)Franco Wrote:  Hey guys

I couldn't find a proper thread where Ouya users posted what games actually work with the sideloaded PPSSPP app.

I'm curious if games like GTA LCS/VCS, God of War, Star Wars: Force Unleashed work well on the Ouya.

I'm mostly curious if Force Unleashed works. Honestly, if most PPSSPP games worked on the Ouya, it'd give me a reason to buy it. Right now I don't have any reason to buy it.

Anyone have an Ouya? Cool

I do have an OUYA, but I don't have any of the games you mention, so I can't help you with compatibility info for any of them. But the OUYA's basic compatibility with the PPSSPP emulator is excellent. (I almost forgot to mention that I use sideloaded beta versions of PPSSPP, not the version available through google's app store.)

My own taste in games runs more towards RPG games, mostly turn-based and/or tactical, and not at all in the direction of action-fighter games or driving games.

Nearly all the games I've tried do work in PPSSPP on the OUYA, though some of them have graphic glitches (eg: Final Fantasy Tactics). And due to the nature of my games I've not really tested some features that may be very important for your games. (Like instant lag-free response in driving or real-time fighting etc.)

I'm only aware of a single game with OUYA-specific problems, this being the RPG "Class of Heroes", which has a tendency to crash in the deep dungeons due to some graphic rendering issue.

Best regards: dlanor
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