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Hacking Utilities/Options
11-26-2013, 04:26 AM (This post was last modified: 11-27-2013 02:40 PM by Abystus.)
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Hacking Utilities/Options
I think the concept of the emulator is great, but have a few questions for the developer:

  1. You went all out on a nice debugger with breakpoint support (Read, Write and Execute), full assembly display, auto assemble instructions, memory editor (not live unless you click it repeatedly), and way to dump memory. Why do you not have an way to search the memory? It seems this would have been one of the easier things to create, and would have went hand in hand with your breakpoint option.
  2. Could you include a trace to file option where all assembly (ex: [Address] - [Instruction Bytes] - [Instruction]) is written to a specified file as it is executed up until a breakpoint is encountered (writing stops when a breakpoint is hit, or the option is toggled off)?
  3. Could you make the memory editor live (as in always updating), instead of only refreshing on click or goto address?
  4. Will you add a way to enter cheats through the interface instead of having them read from a pre-existing file?

I'm not sure if you intended this as a hacker friendly emulator, but hopefully you consider the option as you're pretty close to having one (minus the few gripes above). Most of the game I've tried seem to run great on my machine, and I am looking forward to seeing future progress on this emulator (compatibility and functionality). Keep up the great work!


After some extensive testing, the breakpoint system also seems to not work all the time (execute breakpoints), and usually require reloading the state to get working again (they will not break until it is reloaded). In addition to that, playing around too much with breakpoints will eventually cause the emulator to crash (seems to be adding/removing lots of different execute type breakpoints during a hacking session), which becomes rather annoying after digging deep into the code. Hopefully these issues are corrected in future releases.
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