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Fate/Extra & Fate/Unlimited Codes
08-31-2013, 12:27 AM
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RE: 【pc】0.5 《fate extra》and《fate unlimited code》
(08-29-2013 12:19 PM)Yasutsuna25 Wrote:  Just put "x" button. If you have frameskip then sometimes game blink in save/load so fast that you can`t see save/load state. You can just off frameskip to be 100% sure that its this save file. Diff thing is that when you have Buffer rendering/Non Buffered Rendering you sometimes don`t saw save/load have black screen (what win you have?), or mayby you just accidantly delete your save becouse of to hight frame skip. BTW: I don`t known why you need frameskip in this game. if it work to slow try Force FPS, and then you don`t have blinking screen and it work at 100% fast(i use it becouse in 1 moment sound in game become slow. I play it at win7 and no crash, no freeze then try it guys if you want. mayby this is solution for freeze but. if no then XP x32, becouse i just start and i don`t known what about diff routs). sometimes just search best config.

well.....i have buffer rendering/non buffered rendering. other than laptop (sorry, only this thing i have) will work very slow....
i use win 7 actually.
i've put frameskip to off but the save/load state still cannot be seen Undecided
i guess i can only use save state from the emulator?
thanks before Smile
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