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Fate/Extra & Fate/Unlimited Codes
05-31-2013, 06:31 PM
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RE: 【pc】0.5 《fate extra》and《fate unlimited code》
Try oioitff's build. I've gotten to week 6 with almost no issues, working sound.

oioitff builds,
and the build I'm using, a bit dated by now,
Install sonicstage to get the sound working.

Couple bugs. First, text doesn't display until voice acting is finished, in VA'd lines. Second, voice acting will occasionally trip things up and not play at all. This also stops the game from displaying text dialogue, which freezes everything in its tracks. To get past this, just tap the skip button; that will be whatever you have Triangle bound to. It'll force-skip the voice acting and display the text, and things continue on as normal.

Also, try not to mention downloaded .ISO's or piracy in general. Seriously. It's a good way to not get help.

Results may vary if playing on your phone or something, haven't tested that, myself.
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