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Fate/Extra & Fate/Unlimited Codes
02-15-2015, 10:03 PM (This post was last modified: 02-20-2015 06:29 PM by HikariKyuubi.)
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RE: Fate/Extra & Fate/Unlimited Codes
Right, so I'm using a pc with win8.1, an i7-4700MQ with a GeForce GT740M (I made sure not to use the onboard graphics card), US version of the Fate/EXTRA game. Game plays perfectly up until I complete the fight with Shinji, some text rolls by, he disappears and then screen goes black and stays black.
The sound just loops on the background and the console log just shows either:
idle0 W[MM]: MemmapFunctions.cpp:130 WriteToHardware: Invalid address 000001cc and 000001c8
user_main W[MM]: MemmapFunctions.cpp:130 WriteToHardware: Invalid address 000001cc and 000001c8
This with everything off except the Buffered Rendering and the Ignore Illegal Reads/Writes and with both of the rendering backends. Without the IIR/W, the game doesn't even boot. Are there any particular solutions for this? Game appears to be playable according to the forum posts, so I assumed this behaviour wasn't present in the emulated game anymore.
Edit: I'm using the 1.0 version, forgot to mention that.
Edit #2: Alright, after re-ripping the game for the 4th time, it finally worked. Lesson to all who read this, retrace all steps multiple times.
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