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rocketdock + stackdocklets + Kk Menu for shortcut/program organization tutorial
11-03-2013, 05:36 PM (This post was last modified: 11-03-2013 11:20 PM by ZeroX4.)
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rocketdock + stackdocklets + Kk Menu for shortcut/program organization tutorial
ok so RocketDock is program that let you organize your shortcuts files and other stuff to be
easy and quick accessible and displayed in very nice and easy way

with addition of add ons like stackdocklet and Kk Menu you can make stuff on ur pc much more accessible in very
quick and easy to use way + the display method is just satisfying + have a clean empty desktop

now before we start anything you need to know 3 things

1 - if you place something on RD and than move it to other directory or change name
of it or parent folder it wont work any more
lets say i got mp3 on c:\mysong.mp3 and i drag and drop it on RD but than i move it
to lets say c:\mymusic\mysong.mp3 than it wont work from RD cause RD dont keep track on
where did you move ur stuff it just launch them from place you putted them on the RD so
you would need to remove that mp3 from RD and place the same mp3 from new location

2 - good idea is to make folder where you will place your programs and important stuff like for example i have
c:\programs\shortcuts < in here im placing shortcuts to all stuff that will go to Rocket Docks

3 - icons you will use should be stored all in 1 folder which you wont move cause rocketdock
uses icons in little different way you will see why and how in step 6

ok 1st thing to do is download rocketdock < here download and install it to desktop cause
1st thing we gonna do is make this program portable which means you can move it anywhere
on ur hdd or to other pc and it will still work

step 1
A - right click anywhere on rocketdock and choose dock settings
B - check all this options which are
- run at startup < dont need to explain
- store settings in INI file < this makes rocketdock portable
- running apps indicators < small arrow will show which apps are running

C - move to position section on the left

[Image: 6qUislu.png]

step 2
A - choose on which side of the screen you wish rocketdock to appear
in my opinion left edge is best cause there are not much stuff you do on left edge of screen
so you wont so often click something on rocketdock by accident
B - chose RD to be always on top but relax we will enable auto-hide in a moment
C - adjust centering and edge offsets to your needs
giving extra EDGE offset will give you a little bit of space to work on the left edge of screen cause trust me
its stupid idea to make it fully align to left edge of screen u need a little space there

D - move to behavior section on the left

[Image: bDuGd9c.png]

step 3
A - check auto-hide option
B - adjust time delay of that 2 options to ur needs
C - check icons and style section you dont need but u can adjust them to your needs
D - pres ok when your ready cause you are done the 1st part

[Image: 4Mhf9Qn.png]

so how to use it ? well best way is drag and drop

you just left click and hold file you want on RD and move it over RD and drop it and thats it

BUT !!! its better to make shortcut change icon and name of it to your needs and than move it cause well
shortcuts are more adjustable than normal files

[Image: SHQ4T9g.png]

but now well get stackdocklets to work
what is stack docklet ? as rcoketdock let you place on its bar all sort of files stackdocklet let you preview
a whole folder in very nice way look

all shortcuts of all emulators i have on hdd are just 1 click away displayed in very nice way

[Image: Mq1rK8O.png]

so now we are getting stackdocklets download it

download and extract stackdocklet folder to \RocketDock\Docklets
after ur done close RD and launch it again

before we move to next step its good idea to make a folder with shortcuts < that folder must not be
moved after putting on RD and just trow there all shorcuts you want to see on RD SD

for example my is on c:\programs\shortcuts
and now ill show you a trick which will come in handy
on how to make folder with no name

cause if folder have name than the name will be on the part of stack docklet which i find annoying

[Image: dLB8DDU.png]

but if you dont care you dont need to do it

the trick is to use alt code 0160 which will make invisible space in your folder
well other trick is to put - + = . , < one short digit

but i prefer altcode
to make altcode you need to right click folder and choose change name and than hold left alt and from
keypad type 0160 and release it and its done

but if you have many folders you can add more invisible spaces for each folder and than make
empty folders to keep track which folder is which

here is example

that 3 folders with no name have shortcuts inside that other 3 folders below with numbers and names
are empty they just tell me what is in which folder

1st empty folder have 1 empty space
2nd have 2
and 3rd have 3

[Image: e8Xlnrd.png]

step 4 finally
A - rightclick rocketdock and choose add item stack docklet

[Image: YcNbV5q.png]

step 5
A - rightclick on new icon that appeared on RD and choose icon settings
B - lead path to folder with shortcuts or whatever it have as you wish
C - choose icon (check step 6 on see how it works)
D - choose mode to GRID (there are 2 modes check how other mode look and think why you gonna prefer grid)
C - when ur done hit ok

[Image: gEIo56S.png]

step 6
changing icons on rockedock is bit tricky cause you are not leading to an individual icon
but to path with icons(s) and than selecting it from the list
ill show you what i mean in the moment but for sure a very good idea is to make folder with icons and than
add that path to rocketdock icon paths

for example i have all icons in c:\programs\icons

ok here is how it goes

A - hit +
B - in new window lead to folder with icon(s) < you are able to add multiple paths so if i have
c:\programs\icons i could also add \my documents\icons and that path would be still displayed
note - you can and should select parent folder and in sub folders store other icons so like if i have
c:\programs\icons < i also have sub folders under it
c:\programs\icons\dark glass reworked
and others but i only add parrent folder
not sub folders < remember that

C - hit ok when ur done
D - now from the list of paths choose folder in which is your desired icon
E - select icon you wish
F - hit ok and your icon is changed

[Image: 5RBWTrV.png]

and thats pretty much it

now for kk menu

download it from here
and unzip kkmenu folder to \RocketDock\Docklets

close rocketdock and launch it again and we are ready

step 7
A - right click on RD and choose add item > Kk Menu
B - click set image < new kk menu comes with NO ICON so if u pass it you will see only blank space on RD
setting image is like changing icon on RD look on step 6
C - make some label < i use my nick for example but u can type there anything u want

[Image: siNHQ7I.png]

step 8
A - click show menu editor (it shows hide cause i already clicked it)
B - click on menus < you dont need to now but later you will need to click on menu you wish to edit
C - click add menu

[Image: WAFsZng.png]

step 9
A - choose list of shortcuts

B - name your menu < its name of whole profile and not menu so it can be anything

[Image: jt79GZC.png]

now there are 2 things you should know and consider and choose which of them are more usefull for you
in my opinion both thats why ill show you both ways of display folders

1st will be adding folder to preview content of folder if you for example often need to edit files inside some folders
2nd will be adding folder of shortcuts this option is same as stack docklets a folder which will launch your stuff

we will need to organize somehow that menus so i put F in front of folder menus and S in front of shortcuts menus

dont understand ? look below

step 10

A - again click on menus and click add menu < you dont see add menu on my screen cause i see already options of
menu i created
B - click on that new menu
C - make sure its dynamic folder < from now on we are creating only dynamic folders
D - change name to what ever you desire im making right now list of folders for my game directory
E - lead to folder you wish to use in kk menu in my case c:\games

[Image: 5q6ixir.png]

Step 11
lol this will be only step that dont have screenshot

so what you need to do is exact the same same as in step 10 with 2 differences
1st is like in STEP 10 POINT D you name it S game
2nd is like in STEP 10 POINT E you lead it to folder with shortcuts

look what i mean i have my games in
but in that folder i go to each game folder make shortcut to each game and put it to 1 folder which is in
and to that folder im leading it right now

whats the difference ? look below

F games

[Image: d5r0jZq.png]

S games

[Image: QXrdJ9d.png]

and thats the difference

and well thats not the over

1 last step

step 12

A - click on profile you made under menus now you need to click add menu item on lower right
you dont see it cause i already did it
B - click on new menu it need to be selected
C - choose submenu in this section
D - select what menu you want to set here
E - choose an icon for that menu look on step 6
F - this name will appear in kk menu so you can name it whatever u want
G - positioning you need to organize it in a way that will suit u
H - after ur done with positioning you can make new menu like in STEP 10 POINT A & B
and than in this section choose a separator to organize your menus

[Image: LqtmX4V.png]

and thats the end

now go clean up ur desktop and organize ur stuff Smile

now i just give you few tips

1st after u fully customized ur rocketdock to your needs than its easy to remove items from it just drag and drop
it out of RD but also its easy to do so by accident so right click on rocketdock and choose lock icons
this will prevent from moving them around and removing by accident
- just undo it to remove icon or change it position but trust me keep them locked cause its very annoying
specially when it comes to removing stackdocklet by accident

2nd if you wish to add more shortcuts to stack docklet than instead of going to folder just left click that
stackdocklet to open it and ALWAYS last icon will be open folder and just click it and there u go

3rd make backups (just make copies of rocketdock folder JUST IN CASE)

4th i covered very basic usage of rocket dock stackdocklets and kk menu there is allot more u can do
its up to u to try and see what other stuff you could do with it

5th in kk menu when you double click cascade folder it will open it (cascade menu = F folder)


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