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[Solved] The best Monster Hunter game for start?
11-07-2013, 05:02 PM (This post was last modified: 11-07-2013 05:04 PM by ValentineVxx.)
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RE: The best Monster Hunter game for start?
Sorry i couldnt answer before, its exam weeks and im getting crazy @- @

Quote:since u offered me help. can i ask?

Sure! I'm glad to help Big Grin

so i need more practice, and complete more quest to earn materials.
3 star mission are the highest rank i can see listed so far.
is that low level?
Hmm im not sure if you are doing the wrong quests or not.
There are 2 places to accept quests:
1) Inside a Building where there are 3 guild girls and a woman, they are the Gathering Hall, the quests of the Guild, they are harder than they were thought to be done at multiplayer mode. Also gives better rewards.

2) at Right of that Building (outside) there is an Old Lady and a Well Dressed Cat, those give you the Main Story Quests! those are the ones that unlocks more stuff to the village!

Btw you unlock the next stars quests by unlocking and completing the Urgent Quest, wich is unlocked by doing certain quests at least once
(i only remember that for 1 star Old Lady you need the Mountain Herb one, the Giaprey Hunt and idk what else, while Gathering Hall ism ostly some 3stars quests)

Quote:* what weapon do u prefer?

Well, what i do, is changing my weapon type each 5 succeeded quests, because i mostly like 'em all Tongue and you'll find out, that a certain monster is easier to hunt with a certain type of weapon (its like each monster is a different food, and its difficult eating soup with a fork Tongue)

Quote:* based on your description, gunlance is strong too right? (i knew it ! i choose a great weapon ! hahaha ! )

Lol, every weapon is strong, if you know how to use it well. for examples: GS are slow but can deal a powerful single blow, swords are weak but can deal too much damage per second. So to get the max advantage with gunlances, the only way is practicing and practicing! if you can deal a lot of damage while the monster cant stop you, you are doing right!

Quote:* where can i see those Kaboom! shell weapon level ups? i dont see it at the guy with "weaponcraft/armor/decor" store and in the cat next to him? where to find it?
Well, im not sure about this one (i discovered not long time ago lol) but if you go to the guy who improves your weapons, you can press Square in the next upgrade of weapon to see its descripcion, above sharpness says the type of shots, and at 2-3rd page it says what level of shots it has (i think it will be in a green text), and i think to level up these shot level, you only have to improve the weapon itself.
Also, there are some armor skills that will help you, like an armor that adds gunnery skills points (you activate it with a total of 10-15 i think), that skill can raise the damage dealt with explosions.
Also skills that help guarding are welcome!

Quote:* does training in school helps u level up?
Well, after you defeat certain monster for first time (doing the old lady quests, bottom right where is a rock with some snow and a cat with clothes), you unlock those monster to practice against them, the instructor gives you 5 diff sets of weapons+armor+items, and you can practice killing it, the monster has around 50% life he should have, and has no real penalty for losing. This way you can learn how a monster moves and how and when attack it

Quote:* what about guild points/pokke points? what are those for?
Guild points its like your fame, rising your fame, you get more chances of better rewards and more quests (only applies to Gathering Hall Quests, the building between old lady and trainign school)
Pokke Points are Farm Points, your village has its own Farm! Just go outside you house and go a little to Southeast (bottom right corner) and you will see a guy with a bag, he can trade pokke points for some items and also upgrade the farm.

How to go to the farm? just go behind that guy and you will access to it!
You can use a field to plant and harvest plants, there is a brush where you can get 3-5 bugs between each quest you do, a fish spot where you can use 3 free baits, also a little crack where you can get 3-4 ores too!
Of course upgrading the farm you can get more and better stuff! (you unlock more upgrades by advancing at main story, the old lady quests)

Quote:* how to increase my Status?

Well, you can get temporal buffs by eating at your own kitchen at your home, here is a FAQ of how do each food helps you, also, at Gathering hall, there is a lady that sells stuff, you can buy from her (at very high price) a Armor charm that rises about 8 the defense, and an attack charm, that rises a bit the attack too, just helps a little lol.
Also the armors can help you, some armors can active both wonderful and horrible skills
for example, hmmm, Mofumofu armor, it haz 20 poitns of cold resistance, activing cold resistance+2 (idk how is called lol) wich negates feeling cold, also actives divine protection, but the bad skill is hot resistance -10, wich makes you sweat all your grease at hot places like desert or near a lava lake.
And for more power with weapons, weapons with Elements or ailments,or even an insane sharpen (like blue) are always handy! but making element or ailments ones can reduce sharpen or become unnefective against monster that likes that element (thats why i have like 4 or each type of weapon now lol)

Quote:* its hard to get materials for weapon/armor upgrade.

Some of they are, but it sually asks only 1 or 2 of the rare items when making an upgrade, but yeah, it can really take you about 10 quests of the same to get it. And there are others that are from breaking rewards (like if you hit enought times a kut-ku his head, the ears will break and you can have one at rewards later)

I dont like using cheats, im more of the old slow way kind of person lol

Quote:* How to see new products in armor shop?

There are 2 armor shops, the cat where you can buy them and the one who can also upgrade your weapons, he craft monsters armors too.

The felyne/cat shop gets more stuff as you progress with Old Lady Quests (usually you get 2-4 new armors per Urgent Quest), but the man that can craft monsters armors has more variety, you unlock a monster's armor by getting that monsters items (like a kutku scale unlocks kutku chest, arms and waist, while kutku ear unlocks helmet and leggings)
but you need craft the weapons with monster materials, thats why hunters use to farm monsters lol

I hope it helped, cya soon! Big Grin

Many people Believe that Talent is about Luck, but Only a Few Know that Luck is about Talent.
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