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[Solved] The best Monster Hunter game for start?
11-07-2013, 06:32 AM
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RE: The best Monster Hunter game for start?
(11-06-2013 05:13 PM)ValentineVxx Wrote:  
(11-05-2013 09:52 AM)globe94 Wrote:  i got a copy of this game today (from my friend)
its a difficult one! requires brains & thinking ( which i dont have much, hahaBig Grin)
i dont seem to find a good weapon. Sad
my best choice was gunlance, because it has shield and weapon with gun. but the damage is weak, and Hammers & big weapons are Slow attack(of course,they are heavy)
oh come on ! this is the first time i played this!
i'll analyze the game more.

btw, the performance is good, like in YS seven, i cant say its fully playable,BUT its VERY playable on my android,speed is good.

and, in game menu i saw 'download'
whats that? does it contain High Level Weapon/Armor? or stuff like that?

well, as vnctdj said, its a difficult game, but you can go train at hunter's school! (At village, go to the bottom, left of that gathering hall building)
The Instructor will teach you how to use each weapon. I try to keep a balance with all (all terrain hunter! Big Grin).

I'm a little ahead in the game (5 stars quest village quests and 4stars at gathering hall). So you can ask me anythign and i will try to answer Tongue

a little Tip: Gunlances have shell types and levels, there are 3 types: normal (normal little explosion, around 6 shots), long (reahes a little further, 3 shots) and Extended (big booms! only 2 shots before reoading).
The Types of shots also modifies the Wyvern Fire (Max Kaboom Thingie) i think. Level just says how strong the shots are, they are at description of weapon.
Oh and Wyvern Fire is sectioned in 4 "zones", so if you aim well, you maximize the damage dealt to a monster if each zone hits it Smile

Anything else, feel free to ask Big Grin

btw can i subscribe to this toppic? so i can know when is there a new message

since u offered me help. can i ask?

* what weapon do u prefer?

* based on your description, gunlance is strong too right? (i knew it ! i choose a great weapon ! hahaha ! )

* where can i see those Kaboom! shell weapon level ups? i dont see it at the guy with "weaponcraft/armor/decor" store and in the cat next to him? where to find it?

* does training in school helps u level up?

* what about guild points/pokke points? what are those for?

* how to increase my Status?

sorry i didnt read a single word while starting game, what i did is played it already. skip skip skip ! Tongue

im so lazy Sad

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