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[Solved] The best Monster Hunter game for start?
11-03-2013, 01:05 PM
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RE: The best Monster Hunter game for start?
What i do to know a monsters weakness is first get some material of it (like a shinny drop, then if you cant beat it, fail x3 lol) so you can see its armor, an its armor will tell you wich elements he is strong and weak for (negative values ftw). Tha'ts how i discovered monoblos was weak against thunder and not ice like diablos as i thought .-. (i ended spending 40 minutes hunting it with ice hunting horn).

Another Thing, you will wanna hunt 10 yian kut-kus ( X killed + Y captured = 10+) so you will receive a special quest at 4 stars elder quest *-*

I remmeber i was scared of Plesioth since he used to pwn me at MH2dos, but now i can kill him in less of 10 minutes Big Grin #ThanksSpecialTrainingSchool

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