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Star Ocean: Second Evolution [ULUS-10375]
09-01-2018, 01:36 PM
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RE: Star Ocean: Second Evolution [ULUS-10375]
(08-27-2014 05:14 PM)LunaMoo Wrote:  Experimental ~ tested only in few battles, menus and levelups ~ after some more work it should be stable and nice by now, made on request from this thread,.
_C0 Uncap dmg
_L 0xE0067FFF 0x100BCCD4
_L 0x200BCCD4 0x2A017FFF
_L 0x200BCD0C 0x2A017FFF
_L 0x200C48FC 0x2A817FFF
//remove codes below if you don't want to uncap melee dmg
_L 0x200BD77C 0x2A417FFF
_L 0x200BD798 0x2A417FFF
_L 0x200C48BC 0x2A817FFF
_C0 Uncap dmg[disable]
_L 0x200BCCD4 0x2A012710
_L 0x200BCD0C 0x2A012710
_L 0x200C48FC 0x2A812710
_L 0x200BD77C 0x2A412710
_L 0x200BD798 0x2A412710
_L 0x200C48BC 0x2A812710
_C0 Uncap HP and MP
_L 0xE0147FFF 0x100B9808
_L 0x200B9808 0x28417FFF
_L 0x20143944 0x24067FFF
_L 0x200B9838 0x28417FFF
_L 0x200B97D8 0x28417FFF
_L 0x2003E9A0 0x28617FFF
_L 0x200B9814 0x24027FFE
_L 0x200B9844 0x24027FFE
_L 0x200B97E4 0x24027FFE
_L 0x2003E9AC 0x24037FFE
_L 0x2003DE08 0x28A17FFF
_L 0x2003DE14 0x24057FFE
//remove codes below if you don't want mp
_L 0x200B987C 0x28617FFF
_L 0x200B9888 0x24037FFE
_L 0x200B98B0 0x28617FFF
_L 0x200B98BC 0x24037FFE
_L 0x200B98E4 0x28617FFF
_L 0x200B98F0 0x24037FFE
_L 0x2003DE60 0x28A17FFF
_L 0x2003DE6C 0x24057FFE
_L 0x201439C8 0x24067FFE
_C0 Uncap HP and MP[disable]
_L 0x200B9808 0x28412710
_L 0x20143944 0x2406270F
_L 0x200B9838 0x28412710
_L 0x200B97D8 0x28412710
_L 0x2003E9A0 0x28612710
_L 0x200B9814 0x2402270F
_L 0x200B9844 0x2402270F
_L 0x200B97E4 0x2402270F
_L 0x2003E9AC 0x2403270F
_L 0x2003DE08 0x28A12710
_L 0x2003DE14 0x2405270F
_L 0x200B987C 0x286103E8
_L 0x200B9888 0x240303E7
_L 0x200B98B0 0x286103E8
_L 0x200B98BC 0x240303E7
_L 0x200B98E4 0x286103E8
_L 0x200B98F0 0x240303E7
_L 0x2003DE60 0x28A103E8
_L 0x2003DE6C 0x240503E7
_L 0x201439C8 0x240603E7
Notes, both damage and HP are signed short, meaning max value they can get even without original cap is 32767.
Also while graphics of damage value will show above 9999, hp will not show first digit after you pass 9999. So 1234 could be 1234, 11234, 21234 or even 31234, the bar showing hp works fine through, so it should be obvious how much hp you actually have.

I don't really play this game now and never really played it on ppsspp either used some end game save from gamefaqs to make it;], so if you find a place where any of those 2 cheats does not work or cause problems, the better you describe it, and the closer a save or savestate leading to the problem you can provide, the higher chance I'll have a look at it.

First Edit(probably more to go) - I apparently uncapped only magic damageTongue, cheated my dmg(since on the save I got I couldn't even get over 8k :C) and it wasn't working for melee, so I added melee to uncap dmg now:].
Another one - also removed useless code from the hp uncap cheat and changed one other to cap properly max possible value:3.
And more complicating hp uncap, just to make sure it sets correctly after reaches limit.
Not enough edits ~ improved hp uncap by another case and added mp uncap to it since why the hell not.
Fixed items giving mp restoring mp cap.
Fixed sword rising hp in a weird way.
Also saves should keep value of hp/mp just fine, as long as the cheat is activated all the time.

And a small screenshot:

Showing dmg and hp uncap, I only leveled like once on a save which had 9999 hp so what's visible as 0101 is 10101.

So I've been using the Uncap Damage cheat for a while now and I absolutely love it, so thank you for all your hard work on all that. I'm playing on Universe Mode (the hardest difficulty) and have recently had my suspicions confirmed that it does indeed also uncap it for enemies as well, adding another level of difficulty to the game that I'm thoroughly enjoying!

I have found a situation where this cheat doesn't work as intended, however. When this cheat is active, the skill Power Burst, which normally "randomly boosts attack power", actually causes me to do only 9999 damage, effectively lowering my damage output. I've disabled this skill on all my characters since discovering this, but I was wondering if you could make one more patch for this cheat to solidify it as the best one that exists? lol it'd be awesome of you.

And while I'm here, I'll add that I agree that a Max Stat Gain per LvlUp cheat would be amazing as well, if anyone's up for the task. That'd be the 2nd best one! xD
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