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ppsspp build 9 oktober 2013 is force close on my android
10-10-2013, 12:15 PM
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RE: ppsspp build 9 oktober 2013 is force close on my android
(10-10-2013 11:43 AM)sidgoku123 Wrote:  Actually it occured on my android phone,running android 4.1 and a mtk 6589 chipset.
Sorry, my mistake.
I was thinking of a similar but not identical error message in Windows.

However, since you described the crash as occurring with that message, apparently when you launched PPSSPP itself, it's probably not the same bug that this thread is intended to deal with. That bug never strikes the launching of PPSSPP, but occurs when we launch a game from inside the PPSSPP GUI.
(Perhaps that is what you meant too, though your phrasing didn't make it seem so.)

Quote:Do you have to delete psp.ini before installing a new version?
I assume you mean "ppsspp.ini". In any case I have never had to manually delete any file before installing a new version. But when upgrading from a very old version it may be a good idea to clean up first, as a lot of stuff in the ini file that was used by old versions is not used anymore, or in greatly modified form. (EG: Controller mapping used to be in the main ini file, but now has a separate ini file.)

Quote:what was the last version you used?
The last version that works without crashing for me is "ppsspp-v0.9.1-1640-g996e468-android.apk", or simply put 'build 1640'.

Quote:Also I can't find the folder which contains psp.ini?
Again I assume that you mean "ppsspp.ini". On an Android device the data used by PPSSPP is separated into two different areas. One is easily accessible as "/sdcard/PSP/" and contains savestates, gamesaves and cheats (each in a separate subfolder), but not the ini files. Those are stored in a folder that requires root access.

I'm not sure if the location is the same for all devices, but on my rooted OUYA it's "/data/data/org.ppsspp.ppsspp/files/".

Best regards: dlanor
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