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ppsspp build 9 oktober 2013 is force close on my android
10-10-2013, 10:38 AM (This post was last modified: 10-10-2013 11:16 AM by dlanor.)
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RE: ppsspp build 9 oktober 2013 is force close on my android
(10-10-2013 10:28 AM)globe94 Wrote:  @dlanor

my android is : Cherry Mobile flame
1.2ghz Snapdragon Dual core processor. ICS
is that enough?

its really working i tell u.

Oh, I believe you. But when your results are the opposite of mine we need to explore what system differences may be responsible for our differing results.

I'm not familar with the 'Snapdragon' CPU, so I guess that CPU might be what makes the difference, since all of my devices have normal ARM-type CPUs. As for the Android system my Tablet has ICS and the OUYA has JB (I think), so that in itself is not a factor. (But platform-specific implementations may be)

Best regards: dlanor

I've now tested build 1664 too, still with the same crash at all game launch attempts.

There is a slight difference, in the form of a very short delay between clicking/touching a game icon and the crash out to Android desktop or OUYA menu. Previously the crash was almost instantaneous, but now it occurs after a short delay.

This time I tested on my "Pivos Xios DS" in addition to the same DMTech Tablet and OUYA console as used in my previous tests, and results were the same for all, except for the duration of the new crash delay. That was significantly longer on the Xios DS, which is the slowest of these three devices, so apparently the emulator is trying to do some work during this delay (probably part of the initialization for running the chosen game).

Best regards: dlanor
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