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ppsspp build 9 oktober 2013 is force close on my android
10-09-2013, 09:30 PM (This post was last modified: 10-09-2013 10:15 PM by dlanor.)
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RE: ppsspp build 9 oktober 2013 is force close on my android
(10-09-2013 06:37 PM)Henrik Wrote:  Can you give me more details? What is your Android device?
Since he hasn't replied yet, let me fill in with some info on results with my own Android devices.

I've tested "ppsspp-v0.9.1-1657-g5c3f6ba-android.apk" both on my OUYA and on my "DMTech Tablet 816HDC" (rebranded PIPO Tablet), with identical results.

Installation of the app works fine, as usual done by sideloading through "ES File Explorer".

Launch of the PPSSPP GUI also works fine, with access to its usual menus.

Launch of any game results in immediate crash out of PPSSPP. For the OUYA this lands me in the OUYA 'Make' menu, and on the tablet it lands me in the normal desktop. For both cases this is the place from which PPSSPP was launched. This crashing occurs identically regardless of whether cheats are enabled or not and regardless of whether the game is launched from the "Games" menu or the "Recent" list.

I've now reverted to the version I previously used, which is "ppsspp-v0.9.1-1627-g0a47509-android.apk", and with this everything is back to normal again.

So whatever causes this crash was added somewhere in between builds 1627 and 1657. Thus a short series of tests should be able to pinpoint it. (A binary halving test method should find and confirm it within 6 version tests.)

Best regards: dlanor

I've now performed the pinpointing tests I mentioned in my previous post, and have determined that the last working build was 1640. That one works fine, while 1641 crashes like all the others since then (including the latest build 1660).

I did not test every single build between 1627 and 1660, but used a binary halving method to reduce the number of tests to 1+log2 of the version count. And the number of available versions to test was further reduced by the fact that the buildbot didn't make Android binaries for every build.


"ppsspp-v0.9.1-1640-g996e468-android.apk" works fine,
and the same goes for all tested earlier builds.

"ppsspp-v0.9.1-1641-gab759a9-android.apk" crashes at every game launch,
and the same goes for all tested later builds.

Best regards: dlanor
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