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Monster hunter threads in "Playable Games"
09-08-2013, 11:25 AM
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RE: Monster hunter threads in "Playable Games"
(09-08-2013 12:49 AM)FelixWan Wrote:  
(09-07-2013 01:06 AM)Ritori Wrote:  I think it should be separate because different region got different bug...

at the moment
i don't see any critical bug or specified compatibility problem on one single version.
in other word, all save data are common for these 3 versions and if a problem occur in one version, it also occurs in other versions as tested before
That's what i mean by "game core"

actually, i found most of the discussion in the board is focused in the thread EU, but i dont think all players in the EU thread is playing EU XD
at least not me Tongue
Ah, it might be better to merge it (for this game) then. Smile
Our consideration back then is, there's some games, like Naruto (EUR) that behaves really differently than the JP counterpart, in that case it should be better to have it on different threads to make the discussion-and reports less confusing. Tongue
When the compatibility or the issue is exactly the same, then i also think it should be better to have it on a single thread, it makes the forum cleaner too, so i'll vote 'yes'. Big Grin

● If you report (or happen to find any) game/mini/demo that's still not on the compatibility list yet even after 48 hours, you can PM me the link!
● Sorry for my bad english, I'm Indonesian.
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