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Moga pivot/universal driver support and issues
09-06-2014, 08:49 PM
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RE: Moga pivot/universal driver support and issues
I found out how to make moga work with ppsspp emulator without crashing phones(low power phones included). It should work with others as well. You need the pivot app and an app called moga vk. It doesn't crash at all like the universal driver and it is much easier to use. I have a pocket and I mapped the right analog as the d pad and the left analog as itself. Follow app's instructions found on play store. This is how I mapped it in moga vk:

A to button A
B to button B

Right analog:
X: >50 to d
<-50 to a
Y: w

After pocket controls are mapped in moga vk, enable it in settings and disable all other keyboards. Go to the ppsspp app and under control settings go to map controls.

Clear dpad controls and reenter them using the corresponding movements of the right analog. Then make sure button O shows pad1[B] and button x shows pad1[A]. For analog controls map with left analog on controller.

Note that pivot must be installed and connected also note that the controller doesn't seem to connect well when ppsspp is open, so connect then open. Anything else should be easy enough to figure out as you use it.
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