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Moga pivot/universal driver support and issues
12-18-2013, 08:05 PM (This post was last modified: 12-18-2013 08:39 PM by roswell108.)
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RE: Moga pivot/universal driver support and issues
I have noticed a lot of people having issues, but I also know for a fact the new Moga Hero Power does NOT work with the Moga Universal Driver app. After some testing, I found that in HID mode (or B) the controller will be active in PPSSPP, but will pick up some unusual activity due to the way Moga controllers are designed that will map keys as Pad.??

I found a way to get it to work with DPad, Left analog, and Right analog by using an Nvidia Shield and PS3 controller to build a universal map file and then I simply copied the controller.ini from /sdcard/PSP/SYSTEM on the Shield to the matching folder on the Nexus 5 and BAM! 100% working.

Here is the file:

It is configured to handle Moga, Nvidia Shield, and PS3

There are a few slight "eccentricities" with it, though.
The select button in PPSSPP is routed to the L1 controller button (Select registers as back and will take you to pause no matter what you map the button to in PPSSPP, see below)
The R1 button was mapped to pause controller button (In Sixaxis controller, this allows mapping the Select button to enable right analog stick mouse mode and overrides pause)
The R1 button is mapped to the R2 controller trigger or Brake (This is to make it more like a PS3 with shooting games and such)
The L1 button is mapped to the L2 controller trigger or Gas (Obviously done to coincide with the previous configuration setting)
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