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Attention: Intel Integrated Graphics Owners on Windows. Read This.
12-09-2014, 07:01 PM (This post was last modified: 12-09-2014 07:40 PM by RSSwizard.)
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RE: Attention: Intel Integrated Graphics Owners on Windows. Read This.
(12-08-2014 02:03 PM)Bigpet Wrote:  Just download one of the newer development versions of PPSSPP, it will automatically switch to Direct3D if it can't get the OpenGL ontext it needs.

Where do I get that? I downloaded the one on the main page, isnt it the latest one? Also I dont know anything about compiling so I cant just pick up the source code.

Ive already deleted all of my games and ppsspp but I would be willing to give it another shot if it can work.

Re: Direct3D support.
I know people probably like to just stick with OpenGL because its so much more graceful and isnt microhard. But the simple fact of the matter is the graphics card industry, like politicians, are corrupt and they only care about money. And we shouldn't be penalized for their mistakes.

In fact you should also be incorporating 3dAnalyzer type hacks into the program too, like being able to completely shut off some features or insert dummy versions that the games would normally be required to run. You dont want to besmirch the name of the PSP by dirtying up its graphics quality? Yeah well the game might look as bad as a N64 graphics, but who cares as long as it runs at a playable speed? People who need those downgrades are used to playing with lower quality games anyhow.

And if they're needing these downgrades they're probably poor as hell otherwise they'd have a real PSP and would be playing the games on their PSP rather than getting them for a PC through questionable means (which im sure 95% of users do).

So dont ask them to upgrade their stuff either, there is a reason they're playing on $300 netbooks, which they might've even spent only $150 on at a pawn shop to begin with. Welcome to Amerika, the land of freedom to be poor.

And as for games having specific stuff like shaders or high resolution graphics that it needs, and you just dont know what to do with it if the graphics hardware cant handle it... you can do Pre-Execution conversion and save translated versions that WILL work, at the expense of some hard drive space. Smaller textures take up alot less space than the original anyway. Then just hook it back with a placeholder.

You're already doing runtime compiling so your foot is in that territory. This is easy to accomplish, its not like you've got to translate all that stuff yourself, you just make it scan the game contents for stuff that you know are high quality content. Ive seen FPS source ports that will rebuild the BSP nodes every time it encounters a new map.

As a game designer, I could make stunning games that look almost as good as modern stuff by tweaking the textures just right, rather than relying on all this off-the wall utterly wasteful technology. And even when I used the high quality crap it wouldn't be across the board, it would only be called on when the graphics really needed it for some place in the map. There's no excuse for it.

Its just like the wretched copyright industry... which has spurred on massive development of indie apps, free fonts, free OS systems, and on down the line, which this app is effectively part of.

The runtime compiling feature of PPS is a great idea, but not bending over backwards to make the graphics as absolutely compatible as possible is like loudly striking an off piano key - on purpose.

Like "yeah we're gonna try to cater to our users by making it as fast as possible - oh but if you dont have a good graphics card we're going to spit on you - because you're not lining Nvidia's wallet".

Im not saying that you guys are necessarily sending that message, but the name of this title/thread certainly alludes to it.

As for my computer specs.
It is a humble Eee PC 1.6ghz with an Intel 945GM with 128mb shared vram. It does not have any space for upgrades internally (heck it doesnt even have an optical). However it has an excellent 2 Gb of Ram and a 320 Gb hard drive which were really above-standard for a netbook at that time. It runs Windows XP SP3 because anything above that would either be Vista, or too expensive on processing power and ram, so the only direction the OS would go is Ubuntu, if it went anywhere at all.

As for its age, its true that it was manufactured in 2008 but it sat on a shelf for 4 years with very little use, so thats how it has survived all this time and still works just fine.

And this pales in comparison to having no income, and having no income for the forseeable future, so this computer might as well be a supercomputer as far as im concerned. It does a hell of alot more than an mp3 player will do (last time I checked an mp3 player wont open up a command prompt - and neither will a mac).

Oh, and PSP games are 10 years old... and even then because they was a handheld, they were working with technology which was at least 5 years old before that. Heck ive even played and beaten some games that were made in 2004 on this machine, such as F.E.A.R. and Half Life 2.
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