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Boxer's Road 2 The Real ULJM05125
03-16-2014, 02:43 PM
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Game Suddenly Speeds Up Twice As Much At Certain Times
Hi there! I've been looking for an answer to my little problem, and although I've tried what answers I've found on this forum and google, none of them worked for me.

Game: Boxer's Road 2 The Real
Played On: PC (i7 3770k, 16 GB RAM, Dual GTX 660, Windows 8)
PPSSPP Version:


Normal Speed:

[Image: INyNFMU.jpg?1]

- The game suddenly increases its speed up to twice as much if you are playing in Boxer's Road/Career Mode whenever you reach Round 2 of an actual fight.

Suddenly Problematic Double Speed:

[Image: EWC9CKz.jpg?1]

- What specifically happens is after Round 1, you will see your boxer being treated by your cutman. At this point, I checked the fps and the percentage display, they show 30/30 (100%).

- When your opponent boxer is shown and Round 2 begins, the fps and percentage suddenly show 60/60 (100%).

- The double speed problem persists until you finish the fight. When you get back to the training screen, the speed goes back to normal 30/30 (100%). When you begin a new match, Round 1 is also back to the normal 30/30 (100%) speed, until Round 2 begins and then it's 60/60 (100%) once more.

Boxer's Road 2 is actually a very playable game that seems that it "should" be running at 30/30 (100%). The only problem is that it goes to 60/60 (100%) speed whenever Round 2 begins. It's a strange problem.

What I've done so far as a temporary fix is that I toggle my Alternate Speed whenever Round 2 starts (which is 50% to slow things down to normal). The unfortunate side effect is that the audio also slows down while the action looks normal.

Another thing I tried is I changed the ppsspp.ini file to try and make it only go up to 30 fps (the framerate and max) but that didn't seem to work. Maybe there are other things I should change to force the game to only go up to 30/30 (100%)?

Is there a better solution to this?

Thanks in advance!
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