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The [email protected] SP: Wandering Star
07-19-2015, 01:49 AM
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RE: Trying to load save data from PSP on PPSSPP 0.9.8
(07-18-2015 10:05 PM)vsub_ Wrote:  Or maybe
1.If you don't have custom settings for the game,open the file ppsspp.ini in the "later versions folder"\memstick\PSP\SYSTEM and set SetRoundingMode(not sure if this is needed in this case)and EncryptSave to false and save
2.Start the game in the "later versions",load your save and save
3.Copy\Move the modified save to 0.9.8 and try again

Well, that didn't work :/

(07-18-2015 08:08 PM)[Unknown] Wrote:  Most likely you are playing a hacked game which was modified to be compatible with older PSP firmware. Around those versions, PPSSPP was changed to save in a way that more properly matched actual PSPs.

There are a few options:
1. You can try the original (unhacked) game. It may load the data properly.
2. You can try creating a savestate in the game and loading it in the new version, then saving.


The game has an English patch applied it, so I guess it's hacked. In fact, it's a partial patch, I intend to run the game and use a text hooker, ITH VNR Engine, so I can extract and read the untranslated portion of the game with text in Japanese, but this only works with the 0.9.8 version, at least for games with Bandai (?) engine. It depends on the game with what PPSSPP version the text hooker works. Guess I could try an untranslated version of the game, but I might as well start a new game to play the untranslated portion of the game, I only want to load my data to keep my previous achievements.

The save state thing didn't work. I can load a save state from 1.0.1, it'll load on 0.9.8 but only if the save state is made before getting to the load data screen in the game.
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