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[Playable] God Eater 2 - NPJH-90338 DEMO
11-18-2013, 11:43 PM
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RE: [Playable]God Eater 2 - NPJH-90338 DEMO
(11-18-2013 10:36 PM)Blackord Wrote:  
(11-18-2013 09:51 PM)Julian134 Wrote:  
(11-18-2013 12:31 PM)Blackord Wrote:  
(11-18-2013 12:10 AM)Julian134 Wrote:  
(11-17-2013 11:55 PM)Blackord Wrote:  Playable at 9.5, sorry my mistake Tongue
You're getting the black screen every other mission though im assuming?

No, there's no blackscreen, everything is good except the crash problem (sometimes). I'm playing on windows version, and it's the full version not demo.
Mind posting what settings you're playing on then? Im using the full version on 9.5 and im getting the blackscreen every mission i attempt without resetting in between.

Non-buffered rendering
Antialiasing 2x ( I don't think it would change anything but..)

Other than these two it's all default.
And there's a crash problem when u start a mission or complete a mission but it's not all the time.
I mean depends on your luck. You can press tab button(fast forward) on loading screen to speed up. This helps a little to pass the loading screen without crashing, but again, not all the time, sometimes.

what kind of crash do you experience?
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