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[Playable] God Eater 2 - NPJH-90338 DEMO
08-18-2013, 02:34 PM
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RE: [Menu/Intro]God Eater 2 - NPJH-90338 DEMO
(08-17-2013 07:17 PM)CPkmn Wrote:  Chapter 6 is the last story mission for the original God Eater.
God Eater Burst follows the story of the original God Eater, but expands it (so chapter 6 isn't the last story chapter in God Eater Burst). At the end of chapter 6, both games play an MPEG (the credits). I remember PPSSPP had a problem with ending God Eater Burst MPEGs (or at least, the opening MPEG...I didn't try MPEGs beyond that one on the official build) but I thought it was already fixed on the official builds.

Yes I know, It's just that even yesterday another user asked for an older build to skip the issue, so I don't know if the issue was already fixed, but if you haven't experienced it then the last few builds should do the job fine.

(08-17-2013 07:17 PM)CPkmn Wrote:  ...and also
I don't think the issues are related, unless you somehow figured out the loading screen in the God Eater 2 demo is an MPEG? (from what I see on the log, it's not)

I only guessed, I have not yet tried the demo, after I have free time I'll make some tests, though if you say that the log doesn't display anything related to MPEG you should be right.

Since English is not my first language sorry for some misspelling on my posts
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