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[Playable] God Eater 2 - NPJH-90338 DEMO
08-17-2013, 07:17 PM (This post was last modified: 08-17-2013 07:20 PM by CPkmn.)
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RE: [Menu/Intro]God Eater 2 - NPJH-90338 DEMO
(08-17-2013 03:40 PM)Gurlok Wrote:  
(08-17-2013 01:49 PM)CPkmn Wrote:  What's wrong with the last mission? I finished all the missions with my build and I had no problem (story+challenge+DLC).

According to the posts on GEB thread, some people experienced ah black screen after beating the last story mission (chapter 6 I believe? Dunno since I'm not at that point) prior the game asking to save, making the game impossible to continue; as a workaround an older build able to past that point was mentioned, but for some it works, for some don't.

Chapter 6 is the last story mission for the original God Eater.
God Eater Burst follows the story of the original God Eater, but expands it (so chapter 6 isn't the last story chapter in God Eater Burst). At the end of chapter 6, both games play an MPEG (the credits). I remember PPSSPP had a problem with ending God Eater Burst MPEGs (or at least, the opening MPEG...I didn't try MPEGs beyond that one on the official build) but I thought it was already fixed on the official builds.

...and also

(08-17-2013 07:02 AM)Gurlok Wrote:  It is me or, doesn't it sound like the last mission bug from god eater burst aswell?

I don't think the issues are related, unless you somehow figured out the loading screen in the God Eater 2 demo is an MPEG? (from what I see on the log, it's not)
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