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Guide:- Maximizing the performance of PPSSPP on your Android/Windows device.
02-25-2020, 07:42 AM
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RE: Guide:- Maximizing the performance of PPSSPP on your Android/Windows device.
(03-12-2018 04:59 PM)handehande Wrote:  Hello! I'm trying to play "Digimon Adventure" on my android. With PPSSPP default settings game wouldn't even start; there was only black screen.
Then I applied these changes from this guide:
- Texture Scaling is OFF.
- Hardware Transform and Vertex Cache are ON.
- spline/bezier curves Low
- 1x rendering resolution.
- Change CPU Clock is 111 MHz. Values lower or higher that made game slower
- emulator is running in JIT (Dynarec) mode
- Fast Memory is ON.
- Enable Debug Logging is OFF
- Force 60 FPS or less option is ON
- Postprocessing Shaders OFF
- Software Skinning ON
- Lazy Texture Caching ON
- Retain Changed Textures ON
- Simulate Block Transfer is ON or OFF. I tested both ways but nothing changed.
- Disable Slower Effects ON
- Display Resolution (HW scaler) setting is 1x PSP (I tried higher ones, like 4x but then games parts that run now 30/30 became slow too)
- Frameskip OFF (If I put frameskip on, game won't progress; it will just show the scenery's background while music plays on. I tried frameskip on, auto and numbers from 1-8.)
- Buffered Rendering (non-buffered rendering left characters from previous scene to stand on current scene)
- Hack Settings I haven't applied.

Now the game almost works!! From the start menu to first scene with game characters on the background, everything goes smoothly, 30/30 100,0% or 31/30 100,1% and so on. Then it drops down to 9/30 29,5%. Then game tutorial tells how to move characters etc. Same framerate until video cutscene occurs. Then again 30/30 100,0%. After that 20/30 for spoken dialogues. Then game-play (when you can move characters), it drops to 9/30 29,5%.

Any suggestions what I could try next? Thanks in advance. Smile
It is working for me on my iPad and How could it be possible that it doesn't work on your iPad? You might be running it on PC then it might not work as it is compatible only iPad, iPhone 5 and above, and iPod touch iOS5 above. It seems you need to go through the specification and features before buying and playing on PPSSPP. There are different PlayStation Emulators for iOS which seems similar but may not work on the same device.
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