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Guide:- Maximizing the performance of PPSSPP on your Android/Windows device.
11-12-2015, 06:23 PM (This post was last modified: 11-12-2015 06:25 PM by farahjr.)
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RE: Guide:- Maximizing the performance of PPSSPP on your Android/Windows device.
(10-29-2015 04:04 PM)[Unknown] Wrote:  There's a super easy way to tell if you're GPU or CPU limited.

Turn frame skipping up to max and disable auto frame skip.

If your FPS goes to 100%, and audio sounds smooth (the graphics will obviously be terribly choppy), then you are GPU limited. Frame skipping does NOT skip the CPU emulation, only the GPU emulation.

If it's still not able to play the audio at full speed, then you're CPU limited.

That's it; it's easy. It's hard to argue with the fact that frame skip only skips graphical operations (though this includes the driver, etc., which runs on your phone's CPU.)

But yeah. For some weird reason, PSP game authors made the very strange and bizarre choice of optimizing their games for the PSP fixed function hardware, rather than optimizing it for OpenGL ES. Go figure. I guess that's weird in the same way that Android games that run well on tablets are strangely optimized for OpenGL ES, instead of being optimized for the PSP graphics chip. What can you do with game devs? If only they would build their entire business strategies around emulation, right?


I could hardly believe that my 2.3GHz are not enouth to run digimon adventure at last playable on my nexus 5, if it wasn't for the fact that the code running on the android is different from the code running on pc.

My I3 3.1 GHZ 2GB RAM could render digimon adventure on 1080 plus acelerate to over 300%.

My Nexus 5 2.3 GHz just can't play this specific game for 2 years now since a bought the device there was no updates that can fix this.

Alread tried low hardware res and low rendering res. Got terrible graphics and no performance upgrade at all....just 1-5%.

That is the heaviest game i have tried so far with ~= 1.5GB The last playable game i finished was Ragnarok and this one had 1GB and could run just on 95-100% and coudn't acelarate it witout greate fps loss.

May be this have something to do with the dificult of Digimon Adventure too.

I'm looking for this to get better since ever. I'm a dev but not a pro at all so I can't help.
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