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Monster Hunter Freedom Unite [EU]
03-27-2020, 10:58 PM
Post: #76
RE: Monster Hunter Freedom Unite [EU]
I managed to create some codes to reduce the damage of all weapons to make LR and HR more challenging, or even to balance multiplayer (it is too easy with 4 players).
So here they are. The problem is that small monster take a little loger to kill.

_C0 ATK Multiplier x0.0625
_L 0x200D9298 0x00000000
_L 0x200D92A0 0x00108102
_C0 ATK Multiplier x0.2
_L 0x200D9298 0x00000000
_L 0x200D92A0 0x001080C2
_C0 ATK Multiplier x0.25
_L 0x200D9298 0x00000000
_L 0x200D92A0 0x00108082
_C0 ATK Multiplier x0.5
_L 0x200D9298 0x00000000
_L 0x200D92A0 0x00108042
_C0 ATK Multiplier x1
_L 0x200D9298 0x00000000
_L 0x200D92A0 0x00108020
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01-05-2021, 10:20 AM
Post: #77
RE: Monster Hunter Freedom Unite [EU]
is there a code that makes the attack faster?
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01-18-2021, 11:53 AM
Post: #78
RE: Monster Hunter Freedom Unite [EU]
(05-23-2015 12:11 AM)Carapace Wrote:  from ULJM-05500 converted to ULES01213
this are the code that i managed to convert using 0 knowledge and just by comparing hexadecimal between version using online calculator.

Armor Skill Activation
regardless skill points in armor

_C0 Armor Skill Slot 1
_L 0x008B3AB6 0x000000xx
_L 0x008B3A74 0x0000002A
_C0 Armor Skill Slot 2
_L 0x008B3AB7 0x000000xx
_L 0x008B3A75 0x0000002A
_C0 Armor Skill Slot 3
_L 0x008B3AB8 0x000000xx
_L 0x008B3A76 0x0000002A
_C0 Armor Skill Slot 4
_L 0x008B3AB9 0x000000xx
_L 0x008B3A77 0x0000002A
_C0 Armor Skill Slot 5
_L 0x008B3ABA 0x000000xx
_L 0x008B3A78 0x0000002A
_C0 Armor Skill Slot 6
_L 0x008B3ABB 0x000000xx
_L 0x008B3A79 0x0000002A

===Replace xx with digit===
01 Paralysis duration halved
02 Paralysis negated
03 Paralysis duration doubled
04 Sleep duration halved
05 Sleep negated
06 Sleep duration doubled
07 Faint duration halved
08 Faint negated
09 Faint duration doubled
0A Poison duration halved
0B Poison negated
0C Poison duration doubled
0D Antiseptic
0E Snow Resistance
0F Stealth
10 Taunt
11 Health +20
12 Health +30
13 Health +50
14 Health -10
15 Health -20
16 Health -30
17 Damage Rec Spd +1
18 Damage Rec Spd +2
19 Damage Rec Spd -1
1A Damage Rec Spd -2
1B Sharp Sword
1C Blunt Edge
1D Sharpness +1
1E Sharpness -1
20 Reckless Abandon +1
21 Reckless Abandon +2
22 Reckless Abandon +3
23 Reckless Abandon -1
24 Reckless Abandon -2
25 Reckless Abandon -3
26 Sharping Skl Inc
27 Sharp Skl Halved
28 Guard +1
29 Guard +2
2A Guard -1
2B Guard -2
2C Guard Inc
2D Auto-Guard
2E Throwing Sk Up
2F Reload Speed +1
30 Reload Speed +2
31 Reload Speed +3
32 Reload Speed -1
33 Reload Speed -2
34 Reload Speed -3
35 Recoil Reduction +1
36 Recoil Reduction +2
37 NormS/RapidBow Up
38 PrceS/PrceBow Up
39 PellS/ScattBow Up
3A NormS All LV Add
3B PierceS LV1 Add
3C PierceS All LV Ad
3D PelletS LV1 Add
3E PelletS All Add
3F CragS LV1 Add
40 CragS All Add
41 ClustS LV1 Add
42 ClustS All Add
43 Spc Atk Up
44 Elem Atk Up
45 Bomber
46 Hunger Halved
47 Hunger Negate
48 Hunger Inc[Lo]
49 Hunger Inc[Hi]
4A Filled Up
4B Scavenger
4C Attack Up (Small)
4D Attack Up (Medium)
4E Attack Up (Large)
4F Attack Down (Small)
50 Attack Down (Medium)
51 Attack Down (Large)
52 Defense +20
53 Defense +30
54 Defense +40     
55 Defense -20
56 Defense -30
57 Defense -40
58 Divine Protection
59 Demonic Protection
5A Earplug
5B High Grade Earplug
5C Steal No Effect
5D Wide Area +1
5E Wide Area +2
5F Backpacking Exp
60 All Res +3
61 All Res +5
62 All Res +10
63 All Res -3
64 All Res -5
65 All Res -10
66 Fire Res +5
67 Fire Res +10
68 Fire Res -5
69 Fire Res -10
6A Water Res +5
6B Water Res +10
6C Water Res -5
6D Water Res -10
6E Ice Res +5
6F Ice Res +10
70 Ice Res -5
71 Ice Res -10
72 Thunder Res +5
73 Thunder Res +10
74 Thunder Res -5
75 Thunder Res -10
76 Dragon Res +5
77 Dragon Res +10
78 Dragon Res -5
79 Dragon Res -10
7A Heat Cancel[Lo]
7B Heat Cancel[Hi]
7C Heat Inc[Lo]
7D Heat Inc[Hi]
7E Cold Elim[Lo]
7F Cold Elim[Hi]
80 Cold Inc[Lo]
81 Cold Inc[Hi]
82 Low Wind Pres
83 High Wind Pres
84 Drg Wind Breaker
85 FarSight
86 No Map
87 Gathering +1
88 Gathering +2
89 Gathering -1
8A Gathering -2
8B HighSpdGather
8C Spirit's Whim
8D Divine Whim
8E Spectre's Whim
8F Devil's Whim
90 Good Luck
91 Luck Boost
92 Bad Luck
93 Calamity
94 Fishing Expert
95 Detect
96 Autotracker
97 HealthRecItemsImprvd
98 HltRecItemWeakened
99 Comb Suc+15%
9A Comb Suc+25%
9B Comb Suc+45%
9C Comb Suc-5%
9D Comb Suc-10%
9E Comb Suc-15%
9F Bullet Limit     
A0 Alchemy
A1 Evade +1
A2 Evade +2
A3 Adrenaline +1
A4 Adrenaline +2
A5 Worry
A6 Item Usage Improved
A7 Item Usage Decline
A8 Runner
A9 Flat Footed
AA Capacity up
AB Shell Deviation Down
AC Shell Deviation Up
AD Quick Eating
AE Slow Life
AF Carving Iron Man
B0 Carving Celebrity
B1 Terrain damage reduced
B2 Terrain damage negated
B3 Terrain damage increased (Low)
B4 Terrain damage increased (High)
B5 Quake Resistance
B6 BBQ Celebrity
B7 So-called BBQ King
B8 Gunnery Master
B9 Gunnery King
BA Flute Expert
BB Fatigue negated
BC Evade Distance up
BD Art of Unsheathing
BE Comrade Guidance
BF Comrade Guidance&Trade
C0 Comrade Attack Up
C1 Comrade Defense Up
C2 Trap Master
C3 Poison Coating Add
C4 Paralysis Coating Add
C5 Sleep Coating Add
C6 power Coating Add
C7 Cls Range Add
C8 Guts
C9 Constitution +1
CA Constitution +2
CB Constitution -1
CC Constitution -2
CD Tranq Whiz
CE Tranq Celeb
CF Tranq Guru
D0 Self-Defense
D1 Stellar Hunter
D2 Straight & True
D3 Emboldened
D4 Metallic Protection
D5 Frosty Protectio
D6 Fiery Protection
D7 Focus
D8 Distracted
D9 Auto-Reload

None of the skill i tried were working. They did displayed properly on my status page, but during a quest they wouldn't do anything.

I dug up a bit and, not only do you need to edit the xx with the skill you want, but on the second line, the 2A needs to be edited aswell, and it has a different value for each skill. I had to obtain the skill with an armor set, check its value, and save it for the code.

It gives:

_C0 Armor Skill Slot 1
_L 0x008B3AB6 0x000000xx
_L 0x008B3A74 0x000000xx

Which can be turned into

_C0 Armor Skill Slot 1 (Auto Tracker)
_L 0x008B3AB6 0x00000096
_L 0x008B3A74 0x00000039


_C0 Armor Skill Slot 1 (Tranq Guru)
_L 0x008B3AB6 0x000000CF
_L 0x008B3A74 0x0000005A
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10-22-2021, 01:34 AM
Post: #79
RE: Monster Hunter Freedom Unite [EU]
Can anyone help make a [Disable] code to match the following?

C0 Restore P2G Level of Blood
_L 0x1142CAB0 0x00004000
_L 0x214EC5A0 0x40500000
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11-17-2021, 10:00 PM
Post: #80
RE: Monster Hunter Freedom Unite [EU]
So, the following allows you to access the Famitsu pig costume in Monster Hunter Freedom 2 (USA).

_C0 Pig: Famitsu
_L 0x01204577 0x00000006

I am looking for a code for Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (EU) that lets you set the pig costume, any costume. Then I can try and find the Famitsu one.
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04-03-2022, 01:01 PM
Post: #81
RE: Monster Hunter Freedom Unite [EU]
I would like to inquire about HPD 3.1++ and HPD 7.7.
I want to combine 3.1++ and 7.7, what should I do?
ULJM-05500 MHP2G

_C0 HP display readme
_C0 L+Select On
_C0 R+Select Off
_C0 L+Up target change
_C0 L+Dn status Off
_C0 HP display 3.1++ MAIN 1/11
_L 0x217F8070 0x24050000#monster HP color (start)
_L 0x217F809C 0x24050002#monster HP color (under 10%)
_L 0x217F80A8 0x24050012#monster HP color (under 40%)
_L 0x217F80B4 0x24050004#monster HP color (under 60%)
_L 0x217F80CC 0x2408000F#monster HP color (capture)
_L 0x217F8184 0x24050000#monster HP color (detail)
_L 0x217F8094 0x28C8000A#monster HP color (10%)
_L 0x217F80A0 0x28C80028#monster HP color (40%)
_L 0x217F80AC 0x28C8003C#monster HP color (60%)
_L 0x217F80F8 0x2A020008#monster HP count+1
_L 0x217F815C 0x29030009#monster HP count
_L 0x217F83DC 0x29030005#monster HP count
_L 0xD031C5DC 0x00000101
_L 0x20041DD0 0x0A7FE000
_L 0xD031C5DC 0x00000201
_L 0x20041DD0 0x0E209BC9
_L 0xD031C5DC 0x00000101
_L 0x217F8104 0x0A7FE054
_L 0xD031C5DC 0x00000140
_L 0x217F8104 0x00000000
_C0 HP display 3.1++ MAIN 2/11
_L 0x217F8000 0x0E209BC9
_L 0x217F8004 0x00000000
_L 0x217F8008 0x3C0209FF
_L 0x217F800C 0xAC557FFC
_L 0x217F8010 0xAC547FF8
_L 0x217F8014 0xAC537FF4
_L 0x217F8018 0xAC527FF0
_L 0x217F801C 0xAC517FEC
_L 0x217F8020 0xAC507FE8
_L 0x217F8024 0x0A7FE1C3
_L 0x217F8028 0x34100000
_L 0x217F802C 0x3C0209C0
_L 0x217F8030 0x3452D3C0
_L 0x217F8034 0x3C0208A6
_L 0x217F8038 0x8C44E278
_L 0x217F803C 0x2405000C
_L 0x217F8040 0x0E22422A
_L 0x217F8044 0x2406000D
_L 0x217F8048 0x00101080
_L 0x217F804C 0x02421021
_L 0x217F8050 0x8C530000
_L 0x217F8054 0x12600028
_L 0x217F8058 0x00000000
_L 0x217F805C 0x0E7FDF9C
_L 0x217F8060 0x826601E8
_L 0x217F8064 0x00C04821
_L 0x217F8068 0x866A02E4
_L 0x217F806C 0x866B041E
_L 0x217F8074 0x448A0000
_L 0x217F8078 0x448B0800
_C0 HP display 3.1++ MAIN 3/11
_L 0x217F807C 0x46010003
_L 0x217F8080 0x3C0242C8
_L 0x217F8084 0x44820800
_L 0x217F8088 0x46010002
_L 0x217F808C 0x46000024
_L 0x217F8090 0x44060000
_L 0x217F8098 0x55000007
_L 0x217F80A4 0x55000004
_L 0x217F80B0 0x55000001
_L 0x217F80B8 0x0080A021
_L 0x217F80BC 0x00A04021
_L 0x217F80C0 0x0E6B4D88
_L 0x217F80C4 0x02602021
_L 0x217F80C8 0x54400001
_L 0x217F80D0 0x01002821
_L 0x217F80D4 0x0E22423E
_L 0x217F80D8 0x02802021
_L 0x217F80DC 0x3C1509FF
_L 0x217F80E0 0x24050005
_L 0x217F80E4 0x24060070
_L 0x217F80E8 0x00D13021
_L 0x217F80EC 0x0E7FDF80
_L 0x217F80F0 0x36A87EC0
_L 0x217F80F4 0x2631000B
_L 0x217F80FC 0x1440FFCD
_L 0x217F8100 0x26100001
_L 0x217F8108 0x00000000
_L 0x217F810C 0x3C0209FF
_L 0x217F8110 0x8C557FFC
_L 0x217F8114 0x8C547FF8
_C0 HP display 3.1++ MAIN 4/11
_L 0x217F8118 0x8C537FF4
_L 0x217F811C 0x8C527FF0
_L 0x217F8120 0x8C517FEC
_L 0x217F8124 0x0A21078C
_L 0x217F8128 0x8C507FE8
_L 0x217F8150 0x3C020A00
_L 0x217F8154 0x8043814C
_L 0x217F8158 0x3068007F
_L 0x217F8160 0x50600002
_L 0x217F8164 0xAC40814C
_L 0x217F8168 0xA048814C
_L 0x217F816C 0x3C0208A6
_L 0x217F8170 0x8C44E278
_L 0x217F8174 0x2405000C
_L 0x217F8178 0x0E22422A
_L 0x217F817C 0x2406000D
_L 0x217F8180 0x0E22423E
_L 0x217F8188 0x00081080
_L 0x217F818C 0x02421021
_L 0x217F8190 0x8C540000
_L 0x217F8194 0x1280008A
_L 0x217F8198 0x00000000
_L 0x217F819C 0x0E7FDF9C
_L 0x217F81A0 0x828601E8
_L 0x217F81A4 0x00C04821
_L 0x217F81A8 0x24050005
_L 0x217F81AC 0x240600D0
_L 0x217F81B0 0x868A0274
_L 0x217F81B4 0x0E7FDF80
_L 0x217F81B8 0x36A87ED7
_C0 HP display 3.1++ MAIN 5/11
_L 0x217F81BC 0x868902E4
_L 0x217F81C0 0x868A041E
_L 0x217F81C4 0x24050005
_L 0x217F81C8 0x24060104
_L 0x217F81CC 0x0E7FDF80
_L 0x217F81D0 0x36A87ECC
_L 0x217F81D4 0x00000000
_L 0x217F81D8 0x00000000
_L 0x217F81DC 0x00000000
_L 0x217F81E0 0x00000000
_L 0x217F81E4 0x8E860380
_L 0x217F81E8 0x44860000
_L 0x217F81EC 0x3C0342C8
_L 0x217F81F0 0x44830800
_L 0x217F81F4 0x46010002
_L 0x217F81F8 0x8E820384
_L 0x217F81FC 0x46000024
_L 0x217F8200 0x44060000
_L 0x217F8204 0x44820000
_L 0x217F8208 0x46010002
_L 0x217F820C 0x46000024
_L 0x217F8210 0x44110000
_L 0x217F8214 0x00C04821
_L 0x217F8218 0x240500C6
_L 0x217F821C 0x240600F7
_L 0x217F8220 0x0E7FDF80
_L 0x217F8224 0x36A87EE4
_L 0x217F8228 0x02204821
_L 0x217F822C 0x240500FD
_L 0x217F8230 0x240600F7
_C0 HP display 3.1++ MAIN 6/11
_L 0x217F8234 0x0E7FDF80
_L 0x217F8238 0x36A87EF0
_L 0x217F823C 0x868A0446
_L 0x217F8240 0x868B0444
_L 0x217F8244 0x0E7FDF90
_L 0x217F8248 0x36A97F14
_L 0x217F824C 0x24050066
_L 0x217F8250 0x0E7FDF80
_L 0x217F8254 0x24060104
_L 0x217F8258 0x868A0388
_L 0x217F825C 0x868B0450
_L 0x217F8260 0x0E7FDF90
_L 0x217F8264 0x36A97F1C
_L 0x217F8268 0x240500C6
_L 0x217F826C 0x0E7FDF80
_L 0x217F8270 0x24060104
_L 0x217F8274 0x868A0458
_L 0x217F8278 0x868B0456
_L 0x217F827C 0x0E7FDF90
_L 0x217F8280 0x36A97F24
_L 0x217F8284 0x24050126
_L 0x217F8288 0x0E7FDF80
_L 0x217F828C 0x24060104
_L 0x217F8290 0x868A0440
_L 0x217F8294 0x868B0566
_L 0x217F8298 0x0E7FDF90
_L 0x217F829C 0x36A97F2C
_L 0x217F82A0 0x24050186
_L 0x217F82A4 0x0E7FDF80
_L 0x217F82A8 0x24060104
_C0 HP display 3.1++ MAIN 7/11
_L 0x217F82AC 0x828201E8
_L 0x217F82B0 0x00021040
_L 0x217F82B4 0x36A48450
_L 0x217F82B8 0x00821021
_L 0x217F82BC 0x94530000
_L 0x217F82C0 0x02759821
_L 0x217F82C4 0x24050005
_L 0x217F82C8 0x240600DD
_L 0x217F82CC 0x96690000
_L 0x217F82D0 0x01354821
_L 0x217F82D4 0x868A0580
_L 0x217F82D8 0x0E7FE100
_L 0x217F82DC 0x36A87F3C
_L 0x217F82E0 0x24050042
_L 0x217F82E4 0x240600DD
_L 0x217F82E8 0x96690002
_L 0x217F82EC 0x01354821
_L 0x217F82F0 0x868A0588
_L 0x217F82F4 0x0E7FE100
_L 0x217F82F8 0x36A87F3C
_L 0x217F82FC 0x2405007F
_L 0x217F8300 0x240600DD
_L 0x217F8304 0x96690004
_L 0x217F8308 0x01354821
_L 0x217F830C 0x868A0590
_L 0x217F8310 0x0E7FE100
_L 0x217F8314 0x36A87F3C
_L 0x217F8318 0x24050005
_L 0x217F831C 0x240600EA
_L 0x217F8320 0x96690006
_C0 HP display 3.1++ MAIN 8/11
_L 0x217F8324 0x01354821
_L 0x217F8328 0x868A0598
_L 0x217F832C 0x0E7FE100
_L 0x217F8330 0x36A87F3C
_L 0x217F8334 0x24050042
_L 0x217F8338 0x240600EA
_L 0x217F833C 0x96690008
_L 0x217F8340 0x01354821
_L 0x217F8344 0x868A05A0
_L 0x217F8348 0x0E7FE100
_L 0x217F834C 0x36A87F3C
_L 0x217F8350 0x2405007F
_L 0x217F8354 0x240600EA
_L 0x217F8358 0x9669000A
_L 0x217F835C 0x01354821
_L 0x217F8360 0x868A05A8
_L 0x217F8364 0x0E7FE100
_L 0x217F8368 0x36A87F3C
_L 0x217F836C 0x24050005
_L 0x217F8370 0x240600F7
_L 0x217F8374 0x9669000C
_L 0x217F8378 0x01354821
_L 0x217F837C 0x868A05B0
_L 0x217F8380 0x0E7FE100
_L 0x217F8384 0x36A87F3C
_L 0x217F8388 0x24050042
_L 0x217F838C 0x240600F7
_L 0x217F8390 0x9669000E
_L 0x217F8394 0x01354821
_L 0x217F8398 0x868A05B8
_C0 HP display 3.1++ MAIN 9/11
_L 0x217F839C 0x0E7FE100
_L 0x217F83A0 0x36A87F3C
_L 0x217F83A4 0x2405007F
_L 0x217F83A8 0x240600F7
_L 0x217F83AC 0x96690010
_L 0x217F83B0 0x01354821
_L 0x217F83B4 0x868A05C0
_L 0x217F83B8 0x0E7FE100
_L 0x217F83BC 0x36A87F3C
_L 0x217F83C0 0x3C0208B2
_L 0x217F83C4 0x8443C5DC
_L 0x217F83C8 0x38630110
_L 0x217F83CC 0x1460000A
_L 0x217F83D0 0x3C020A00
_L 0x217F83D4 0x8048814E
_L 0x217F83D8 0x25080001
_L 0x217F83E0 0x54600005
_L 0x217F83E4 0xA048814E
_L 0x217F83E8 0x8043814C
_L 0x217F83EC 0x24630001
_L 0x217F83F0 0xA043814C
_L 0x217F83F4 0xA040814E
_L 0x217F83F8 0x0A7FE043
_L 0x217F83FC 0x00000000
_L 0x217F8400 0x1540FE7F
_L 0x217F8404 0x00000000
_L 0x217F8408 0x03E00008
_L 0x217F840C 0x00000000
_L 0x217F7E00 0x3C0208A6
_L 0x217F7E04 0x8C44E278
_C0 HP display 3.1++ MAIN 10/11
_L 0x217F7E08 0xA4850120
_L 0x217F7E0C 0xA4860122
_L 0x217F7E10 0x01002821
_L 0x217F7E14 0x01203021
_L 0x217F7E18 0x01403821
_L 0x217F7E1C 0x01604021
_L 0x217F7E20 0x0A224383
_L 0x217F7E24 0x00000000
_L 0x217F7E40 0x59600003
_L 0x217F7E44 0x36AA7F34
_L 0x217F7E48 0x03E00008
_L 0x217F7E4C 0x36A87EFC
_L 0x217F7E50 0x03E00008
_L 0x217F7E54 0x36A87F08
_L 0x217F7E70 0x3C03089A
_L 0x217F7E74 0x34639710
_L 0x217F7E78 0x00061040
_L 0x217F7E7C 0x00621821
_L 0x217F7E80 0x94620000
_L 0x217F7E84 0x10400002
_L 0x217F7E88 0x24C60067
_L 0x217F7E8C 0x00403021
_L 0x217F7E90 0x3C02089C
_L 0x217F7E94 0x34427574
_L 0x217F7E98 0x00063080
_L 0x217F7E9C 0x00461821
_L 0x217F7EA0 0x8C630000
_L 0x217F7EA4 0x03E00008
_L 0x217F7EA8 0x00433021
_C0 HP display 3.1++ MAIN 11/11
_L 0x217F870C 0x34110000
_L 0x217F8710 0x3C0209A4
_L 0x217F8714 0x3452ADC8
_L 0x217F8718 0x3C0208A6
_L 0x217F871C 0x8C44E278
_L 0x217F8720 0x2405000C
_L 0x217F8724 0x0E22422A
_L 0x217F8728 0x2406000E
_L 0x217F872C 0x0E22423E
_L 0x217F8730 0x24050000
_L 0x217F8734 0x8E530004
_L 0x217F8738 0x12600008
_L 0x217F873C 0x00000000
_L 0x217F8740 0x866902E4
_L 0x217F8744 0x866A041E
_L 0x217F8748 0x3C0209FF
_L 0x217F874C 0x34487ECC
_L 0x217F8750 0x2406005D
_L 0x217F8754 0x0E7FDF7F
_L 0x217F8758 0x24050005
_L 0x217F875C 0x0A7FE00B
_L 0x217F8760 0x00000000
_C0 HP display 3.1++ DB 1/10
_L 0x217F7EC0 0x253A7325
_L 0x217F7EC4 0x64252F64
_L 0x217F7EC8 0x00732500
_L 0x217F7ECC 0x253A5048
_L 0x217F7ED0 0x252F6435
_L 0x217F7ED4 0x25006435
_L 0x217F7ED8 0x69532073
_L 0x217F7EDC 0x33253A7A
_L 0x217F7EE0 0x00252564
_L 0x217F7EE4 0x3A4B5441
_L 0x217F7EE8 0x25643325
_L 0x217F7EEC 0x00000025
_L 0x217F7EF0 0x3A464544
_L 0x217F7EF4 0x25643325
_L 0x217F7EF8 0x00000025
_L 0x217F7EFC 0x253A7325
_L 0x217F7F00 0x252F6434
_L 0x217F7F04 0x00006434
_L 0x217F7F08 0x253A7325
_L 0x217F7F0C 0x2D2D2F73
_L 0x217F7F10 0x00002D2D
_L 0x217F7F14 0xE8A19DE7
_L 0x217F7F18 0x00009080
_L 0x217F7F1C 0xE892AFE6
_L 0x217F7F20 0x00009080
_L 0x217F7F24 0xE8BBBAE9
_L 0x217F7F28 0x00009080
_L 0x217F7F2C 0xE897B0E6
_L 0x217F7F30 0x00009080
_L 0x217F7F34 0xE5A184E7
_C0 HP display 3.1++ DB 2/10
_L 0x217F7F38 0x0000B98A
_L 0x217F7F3C 0x253A7325
_L 0x217F7F40 0x00006434
_L 0x217F7C98 0xE396BBE4
_L 0x217F7C9C 0x00008080
_L 0x217F7CA0 0xE8A6A7E8
_L 0x217F7CA4 0x00009080
_L 0x217F7CA8 0xE6A6A7E8
_L 0x217F7CAC 0x00008B89
_L 0x217F7CB0 0xE8A6A7E8
_L 0x217F7CB4 0x00009AA6
_L 0x217F7CB8 0xE4A38FE5
_L 0x217F7CBC 0x0000ADB8
_L 0x217F7CC0 0xE3AE9BE7
_L 0x217F7CC4 0x00008080
_L 0x217F7CC8 0xE3AA88E7
_L 0x217F7CCC 0x00008080
_L 0x217F7CD0 0xE5B38FE5
_L 0x217F7CD4 0x00008CBE
_L 0x217F7CD8 0xE5B38FE5
_L 0x217F7CDC 0x00008D89
_L 0x217F7CE0 0xE5A6B7E5
_L 0x217F7CE4 0x00008CBE
_L 0x217F7CE8 0xE5A6B7E5
_L 0x217F7CEC 0x00008D89
_L 0x217F7CF0 0x3F3F3F3F
_L 0x217F7CF4 0x00000000
_L 0x217F7CF8 0xE8BEB0E5
_L 0x217F7CFC 0x00009080
_L 0x217F7D00 0xE89989E7
_C0 HP display 3.1++ DB 3/10
_L 0x217F7D04 0x00009080
_L 0x217F7D08 0xE8BBAEE6
_L 0x217F7D0C 0x00009080
_L 0x217F7D10 0xE39585E8
_L 0x217F7D14 0x00008080
_L 0x217F7D18 0xE7B38FE5
_L 0x217F7D1C 0x0000AA88
_L 0x217F7D20 0xE7A6B7E5
_L 0x217F7D24 0x0000AA88
_L 0x217F7D28 0xE3A483E3
_L 0x217F7D2C 0x00008983
_L 0x217F7D30 0xE8B883E8
_L 0x217F7D34 0x0000B985
_L 0x217F7D38 0xE8B38FE5
_L 0x217F7D3C 0x0000A982
_L 0x217F7D40 0xE8A6B7E5
_L 0x217F7D44 0x0000A982
_L 0x217F7D48 0xE88CBEE5
_L 0x217F7D4C 0x0000B3B6
_L 0x217F7D50 0xE88D89E5
_L 0x217F7D54 0x0000B3B6
_L 0x217F7D58 0xE785A3E8
_L 0x217F7D5C 0x0000B294
_L 0x217F7D60 0xE3BCBFE7
_L 0x217F7D64 0x00008080
_L 0x217F7D68 0xE394A1E9
_L 0x217F7D6C 0x00008080
_L 0x217F7D70 0xE3B985E8
_L 0x217F7D74 0x00008080
_L 0x217F7D78 0xE3B3B6E8
_C0 HP display 3.1++ DB 4/10
_L 0x217F7D7C 0x00008080
_L 0x217F7D80 0xE48C83E8
_L 0x217F7D84 0x0000ADB8
_L 0x217F7D88 0xE3B883E8
_L 0x217F7D8C 0x00008080
_L 0x217F7D90 0xE4B483E8
_L 0x217F7D94 0x000093BD
_L 0x217F7D98 0xE7A6B7E5
_L 0x217F7D9C 0x0000BCBF
_L 0x217F7DA0 0xE7B38FE5
_L 0x217F7DA4 0x0000BCBF
_L 0x217F7DA8 0xE8A6B7E5
_L 0x217F7DAC 0x0000B3B6
_L 0x217F7DB0 0xE8B38FE5
_L 0x217F7DB4 0x0000B3B6
_L 0x217F7DB8 0xE396A6E9
_L 0x217F7DBC 0x00008080
_L 0x217F7DC0 0xE3ADA0E9
_L 0x217F7DC4 0x00008080
_L 0x217F7DC8 0xE5BBB0E5
_L 0x217F7DCC 0x0000BEB0
_L 0x217F7DD0 0x2D2D2D2D
_L 0x217F7DD4 0x00000000
_L 0x217F7DD8 0xE88788E5
_L 0x217F7DDC 0x00009080
_L 0x217F7DE0 0xE8A885E5
_L 0x217F7DE4 0x0000ABBA
_L 0x217F8450 0x85D085BE
_L 0x217F8454 0x862A85E2
_L 0x217F8458 0x862A862A
_C0 HP display 3.1++ DB 5/10
_L 0x217F845C 0x860685F4
_L 0x217F8460 0x862A85F4
_L 0x217F8464 0x85D0862A
_L 0x217F8468 0x862A862A
_L 0x217F846C 0x85F485D0
_L 0x217F8470 0x8618862A
_L 0x217F8474 0x862A862A
_L 0x217F8478 0x85F485F4
_L 0x217F847C 0x862A8618
_L 0x217F8480 0x862A862A
_L 0x217F8484 0x862A85D0
_L 0x217F8488 0x862A862A
_L 0x217F848C 0x862A862A
_L 0x217F8490 0x862A85BE
_L 0x217F8494 0x862A85F4
_L 0x217F8498 0x85D085E2
_L 0x217F849C 0x85F485F4
_L 0x217F84A0 0x85D085D0
_L 0x217F84A4 0x85D085D0
_L 0x217F84A8 0x85F485D0
_L 0x217F84AC 0x861885F4
_L 0x217F84B0 0x85D0863C
_L 0x217F84B4 0x864E8606
_L 0x217F84B8 0x86728660
_L 0x217F84BC 0x86968684
_L 0x217F84C0 0x862A862A
_L 0x217F84C4 0x86BA86A8
_L 0x217F84C8 0x86608684
_L 0x217F84CC 0x86CC8660
_L 0x217F84D0 0x86848684
_C0 HP display 3.1++ DB 6/10
_L 0x217F84D4 0x86DE862A
_L 0x217F84D8 0x862A862A
_L 0x217F84DC 0x85E2862A
_L 0x217F84E0 0x862A86A8
_L 0x217F84E4 0x86F0862A
_L 0x217F84E8 0x862A86F0
_L 0x217F84EC 0x862A85D0
_L 0x217F84F0 0x86F0862A
_L 0x217F84F4 0x85F485F4
_L 0x217F84F8 0x8660864E
_L 0x217F84FC 0x86DE863C
_L 0x217F8500 0x867286F0
_L 0x217F8504 0x85D085BE
_L 0x217F8508 0x862A85E2
_L 0x217F850C 0x862A862A
_L 0x217F8510 0x860685F4
_L 0x217F8514 0x862A85F4
_L 0x217F8518 0x85D0862A
_L 0x217F851C 0x862A862A
_L 0x217F8520 0x85F485D0
_L 0x217F8524 0x8618862A
_L 0x217F8528 0x85F4862A
_L 0x217F852C 0x861885F4
_L 0x217F8530 0x862A862A
_L 0x217F8534 0x85D0862A
_L 0x217F8538 0x862A862A
_L 0x217F853C 0x862A862A
_L 0x217F8540 0x85F4862A
_L 0x217F8544 0x85E2862A
_L 0x217F8548 0x85F485D0
_C0 HP display 3.1++ DB 7/10
_L 0x217F854C 0x85D085F4
_L 0x217F8550 0x85D085D0
_L 0x217F8554 0x85D085D0
_L 0x217F8558 0x85F485F4
_L 0x217F855C 0x863C8618
_L 0x217F8560 0x860685D0
_L 0x217F8564 0x8660864E
_L 0x217F8568 0x86848672
_L 0x217F856C 0x862A8696
_L 0x217F8570 0x86A8862A
_L 0x217F8574 0x868486BA
_L 0x217F8578 0x86608660
_L 0x217F857C 0x868486CC
_L 0x217F8580 0x862A8684
_L 0x217F8584 0x862A86DE
_L 0x217F8588 0x862A862A
_L 0x217F858C 0x862A85E2
_L 0x217F8590 0x86F0862A
_L 0x217F8594 0x862A86F0
_L 0x217F8598 0x862A85D0
_L 0x217F859C 0x86F0862A
_L 0x217F85A0 0x85F485F4
_L 0x217F85A4 0x8660864E
_L 0x217F85A8 0x86DE863C
_L 0x217F85AC 0x867286F0
_L 0x217F85BC 0x7DD00000
_L 0x217F85C0 0x7DD07DD0
_L 0x217F85C4 0x7DD07DD0
_L 0x217F85C8 0x7DD07DD0
_L 0x217F85CC 0x7DD07DD0
_C0 HP display 3.1++ DB 8/10
_L 0x217F85D0 0x7D987D90
_L 0x217F85D4 0x7DA87DA0
_L 0x217F85D8 0x7DB87DB0
_L 0x217F85DC 0x7DC87DC0
_L 0x217F85E0 0x7D887DD8
_L 0x217F85E4 0x7D787D80
_L 0x217F85E8 0x7DC07D70
_L 0x217F85EC 0x7DC87D68
_L 0x217F85F0 0x7DD07D60
_L 0x217F85F4 0x7D987D90
_L 0x217F85F8 0x7DA87DA0
_L 0x217F85FC 0x7DB87DB0
_L 0x217F8600 0x7DC87DC0
_L 0x217F8604 0x7DC07DD0
_L 0x217F8608 0x7D507D58
_L 0x217F860C 0x7D807D48
_L 0x217F8610 0x7D387D40
_L 0x217F8614 0x7DD07D30
_L 0x217F8618 0x7D987D90
_L 0x217F861C 0x7DA87DA0
_L 0x217F8620 0x7DC07DB0
_L 0x217F8624 0x7DC87D70
_L 0x217F8628 0x7DE07DD8
_L 0x217F862C 0x7DD07DD0
_L 0x217F8630 0x7DD07DD0
_L 0x217F8634 0x7DD07DD0
_L 0x217F8638 0x7DD07DD0
_L 0x217F863C 0x7D907DC0
_L 0x217F8640 0x7DA87D28
_L 0x217F8644 0x7D207DB0
_C0 HP display 3.1++ DB 9/10
_L 0x217F8648 0x7D107D18
_L 0x217F864C 0x7DC07D08
_L 0x217F8650 0x7DA87D90
_L 0x217F8654 0x7DC87DB0
_L 0x217F8658 0x7DD07DD0
_L 0x217F865C 0x7D007DD0
_L 0x217F8660 0x7D907DC0
_L 0x217F8664 0x7DB07DA8
_L 0x217F8668 0x7DD07DC8
_L 0x217F866C 0x7DD07DD0
_L 0x217F8670 0x7DC07DD0
_L 0x217F8674 0x7DA87D90
_L 0x217F8678 0x7DC87DB0
_L 0x217F867C 0x7DD07DD0
_L 0x217F8680 0x7CF87DD0
_L 0x217F8684 0x7D907DC0
_L 0x217F8688 0x7DA87DC8
_L 0x217F868C 0x7D607DB0
_L 0x217F8690 0x7CF07CF0
_L 0x217F8694 0x7D687DD8
_L 0x217F8698 0x7D287D90
_L 0x217F869C 0x7CE07CE8
_L 0x217F86A0 0x7CD07CD8
_L 0x217F86A4 0x7DD07CC8
_L 0x217F86A8 0x7D807DC0
_L 0x217F86AC 0x7D907CC0
_L 0x217F86B0 0x7CB07CB8
_L 0x217F86B4 0x7DD07CA8
_L 0x217F86B8 0x7DC07CA0
_L 0x217F86BC 0x7D807D70
_C0 HP display 3.1++ DB 10/10
_L 0x217F86C0 0x7D487D50
_L 0x217F86C4 0x7DC87D60
_L 0x217F86C8 0x7DD87CF0
_L 0x217F86CC 0x7D607DC0
_L 0x217F86D0 0x7DD07C98
_L 0x217F86D4 0x7DD07DD0
_L 0x217F86D8 0x7DD07DD0
_L 0x217F86DC 0x7DC07DD0
_L 0x217F86E0 0x7D287D90
_L 0x217F86E4 0x7DB07DA8
_L 0x217F86E8 0x7D187D20
_L 0x217F86EC 0x7DD07D10
_L 0x217F86F0 0x7D707DC0
_L 0x217F86F4 0x7DC87D80
_L 0x217F86F8 0x7CE07CE8
_L 0x217F86FC 0x7CD07CD8
_L 0x217F8700 0x00007DD8

_C0 HPD7 Monster Hit-Point Display Hack v.7.7
_C0 HPD7 L+Select: HPD 7.7 On/Off
_C0 HPD7 L+Down/Up: Monster Detail next/previous
_C0 HPD7 L+Right/Left: cycle color theme (only if other themes are present)
_C0 HPD7 WLAN On/Off: Switch 1P/4P (PartnerHP or MultiplayerHP display when enabled in userVars)
_C0 HPD7 L+X: Reinitialize the HPD (if edited userVars or added themes ingame)
_C1 HPD 7.7 [01/15] [MHP2G]
_L 0xE11D00FF 0x017F7FDF
_L 0x217F7FF4 0x09A4ADC8
_L 0x217F8394 0x862602E4
_L 0x217F839C 0x8627041E
_L 0x217F7FF0 0x09C0D3C0
_L 0x217F8054 0x80840050
_L 0x217F82E0 0x808601E8
_L 0x217F8180 0x86860274
_L 0x217F8318 0x848702E4
_L 0x217F8158 0x8E860380
_L 0x217F816C 0x8E860384
_L 0x217F81BC 0x86870388
_L 0x217F8320 0x8488041E
_L 0x217F81EC 0x86870440
_L 0x217F81A8 0x86880444
_L 0x217F81A4 0x86870446
_L 0x217F81C0 0x86880450
_L 0x217F81D8 0x86880456
_L 0x217F81D4 0x86870458
_L 0x217F81F0 0x86880566
_L 0x217F8220 0x86860580
_L 0x217F8230 0x86860588
_L 0x217F8240 0x86860590
_L 0x217F8250 0x86860598
_L 0x217F8260 0x868605A0
_L 0x217F8270 0x868605A8
_L 0x217F8280 0x868605B0
_L 0x217F8290 0x868605B8
_L 0x217F82A0 0x868605C0
_L 0x217F7FE8 0x089C7574
_C1 HPD 7.7 [02/15] [MHP2G]
_L 0xE11200FF 0x017F7FDF
_L 0x217F7FEC 0x089A9710
_L 0x217F82FC 0x24060067
_L 0x217F7FF8 0x08A5E278
_L 0x217F8370 0xA4890120
_L 0x217F8378 0xA48A0122
_L 0x217F82CC 0xA085012C
_L 0x217F82D0 0xA086012D
_L 0x217F82D4 0xA087012E
_L 0x217F82DC 0xA086015F
_L 0xE1030000 0x017F836C
_L 0x217F8008 0x0E209BC9
_L 0x217F8374 0x0A224383
_L 0x20041DD0 0x0E7FE000
_L 0x017F7FD5 0x00000001
_L 0x017F7FD6 0x00000001
_L 0x017F7FD7 0x00000001
_L 0x017F7FD8 0x00000001
_L 0x017F7FD9 0x00000001
_L 0xE10A0001 0x217F7FE1
_L 0x217F80C0 0x24070000#unselect color..00white
_L 0x217F80C4 0x24070013#select color....13truered
_L 0x217F8118 0x24070000#stats color.....12trueyellow
_L 0x217F819C 0x24070000#status color....14truegreen
_L 0x217F8210 0x24070000#stagger color...0Etrueblue
_L 0x217F83B0 0x24070000#partner HP......FFflashingbluewhite
_L 0x217F83E8 0x24070002#server HP.......02fakered
_L 0x217F83D0 0x24070004#client1 HP......04skyblue
_L 0x217F8400 0x24070003#client2 HP......03lightgreen
_L 0x217F8418 0x24070005#client3 HP......05lightyellow
_C1 HPD 7.7 [03/15]
_L 0xE11D00FF 0x017F7FDF
_L 0x217F80D0 0x2405000C#0C...Width...(Monster List)
_L 0x217F80D8 0x2406000D#0D...Height..(Monster List)
_L 0x217F80E4 0x24090008#0008.posX....(Monster List)
_L 0x217F80E8 0x240A0070#0070.posY....(Monster List)
_L 0x217F80F8 0x2631000B#0B...posY....(Monster List) [Offset]
_L 0x217F810C 0x2405000C#0C...Width...(Monster Stats)
_L 0x217F8110 0x2406000D#0D...Height..(Monster Stats)
_L 0x217F8128 0x24090008#0008.posX....(Stats - Name)
_L 0x217F812C 0x240A00CC#00CC.posY....(Stats - Name)
_L 0x217F8140 0x24090008#0008.posX....(Stats - HP)
_L 0x217F8144 0x240A00D7#00D7.posY....(Stats - HP)
_L 0x217F815C 0x24090008#0008.posX....(Stats - ATK)
_L 0x217F8164 0x240A00E2#00E2.posY....(Stats - ATK)
_L 0x217F8170 0x2409003D#003D.posX....(Stats - DEF)
_L 0x217F8178 0x240A00E2#00E2.posY....(Stats - DEF)
_L 0x217F8184 0x24090072#0072.posX....(Stats - SIZ)
_L 0x217F818C 0x240A00E2#00E2.posY....(Stats - SIZ)
_L 0x217F8190 0x2405000C#0C...Width...(Monster Status)
_L 0x217F8194 0x2406000D#0D...Height..(Monster Status)
_L 0x217F81AC 0x24090008#0008.posX....(Status - SLEEP)
_L 0x217F81B4 0x240A00ED#00ED.posY....(Status - SLEEP)
_L 0x217F81C4 0x2409005A#005A.posX....(Status - POISON)
_L 0x217F81CC 0x240A00ED#00ED.posY....(Status - POISON)
_L 0x217F81DC 0x24090008#0008.posX....(Status - PARALYSIS)
_L 0x217F81E4 0x240A00F8#00F8.posY....(Status - PARALYSIS)
_L 0x217F81F4 0x2409005A#005A.posX....(Status - KO)
_L 0x217F81FC 0x240A00F8#00F8.posY....(Status - KO)
_L 0x217F8204 0x2405000C#0C...Width...(Monster Stags)
_L 0x217F8208 0x2406000D#0D...Height..(Monster Stags)
_C1 HPD 7.7 [04/15]
_L 0xE11C00FF 0x017F7FDF
_L 0x217F8214 0x24090012#0012.posX....(Stag 1)
_L 0x217F8218 0x240A0103#0103.posY....(Stag 1)
_L 0x217F8224 0x24090047#0047.posX....(Stag 2)
_L 0x217F8228 0x240A0103#0103.posY....(Stag 2)
_L 0x217F8234 0x2409007C#007C.posX....(Stag 3)
_L 0x217F8238 0x240A0103#0103.posY....(Stag 3)
_L 0x217F8244 0x240900B1#00B1.posX....(Stag 4)
_L 0x217F8248 0x240A0103#0103.posY....(Stag 4)
_L 0x217F8254 0x240900E6#00E6.posX....(Stag 5)
_L 0x217F8258 0x240A0103#0103.posY....(Stag 5)
_L 0x217F8264 0x2409011B#011B.posX....(Stag 6)
_L 0x217F8268 0x240A0103#0103.posY....(Stag 6)
_L 0x217F8274 0x24090150#0150.posX....(Stag 7)
_L 0x217F8278 0x240A0103#0103.posY....(Stag 7)
_L 0x217F8284 0x24090185#0185.posX....(Stag 8)
_L 0x217F8288 0x240A0103#0103.posY....(Stag 8)
_L 0x217F8294 0x240901BA#01BA.posX....(Stag 9)
_L 0x217F8298 0x240A0103#0103.posY....(Stag 9)
_L 0x217F8380 0x2405000C#0C...Width...(Multiplayer HP)
_L 0x217F8388 0x2406000D#0D...Height..(Multiplayer HP)
_L 0x217F83EC 0x24090078#0078.posX....(Multiplayer HP [Server])
_L 0x217F83F4 0x240A0002#0002.posY....(Multiplayer HP [Server])
_L 0x217F83D4 0x240900C0#00C0.posX....(Multiplayer HP [Client 1])
_L 0x217F83DC 0x240A0002#0002.posY....(Multiplayer HP [Client 1])
_L 0x217F8404 0x24090108#0108.posX....(Multiplayer HP [Client 2])
_L 0x217F840C 0x240A0002#0002.posY....(Multiplayer HP [Client 2])
_L 0x217F841C 0x24090150#0150.posX....(Multiplayer HP [Client 3])
_L 0x217F8424 0x240A0002#0002.posY....(Multiplayer HP [Client 3])
_C1 HPD 7.7 [05/15]
_L 0xE11600FF 0x017F7FDF
_L 0x217F83A4 0x2405000C#0C...Width...(Partner HP)
_L 0x217F83A8 0x2406000D#0D...Height..(Partner HP)
_L 0x217F83B8 0x24090008#0008.posX....(Partner HP)
_L 0x217F83C0 0x240A005F#005F.posY....(Partner HP)
_L 0xD17F7FD6 0x20000000
_L 0x217F803C 0x00000000
_L 0xD17F7FD6 0x20000001
_L 0x217F803C 0x0A7FE0E8
_L 0xD17F7FD7 0x20000000
_L 0x217F8108 0x1000003D
_L 0xD17F7FD7 0x20000001
_L 0x217F8108 0x12800066
_L 0xD17F7FD8 0x20000000
_L 0x217F8200 0x10000028
_L 0xD17F7FD8 0x20000001
_L 0x217F8200 0x12800028
_L 0xD17F7FD9 0x20000000
_L 0x217F829C 0x00000000
_L 0xD17F7FD9 0x20000001
_L 0x217F829C 0x0E7FE0D1
_L 0xD17F7FE0 0x201000FF
_L 0x017F7FDF 0x00000000
_L 0xE10200FF 0x117F8029
_L 0xD0000002 0x10004100#L+X: Reinitialize the HPD
_L 0xE1020000 0x017F7FDF
_L 0x017F7FDF 0x000000FF
_L 0x117F7FE0 0x00000000
_C1 HPD 7.7 [06/15]
_L 0xE10600FF 0x117F8029
_L 0xD0000006 0x10000101#L+Select: HPD 7.7 On/Off
_L 0xE10600FF 0x017F7FDA
_L 0xE1020000 0x017F8029
_L 0x217F8028 0x3C0209FF
_L 0x017F7FDA 0x00000000
_L 0xE10200FF 0x017F7FDA
_L 0x217F8028 0x1000009E
_L 0x017F7FDA 0x00000000
_L 0xD0000001 0x30000101#L+Select: HPD 7.7 On/Off
_L 0xE1010000 0x017F7FDA
_L 0x017F7FDA 0x000000FF
_L 0xE10C0009 0x017F8029
_L 0xD0000007 0x10000110#L+Up: Monster Detail next/previous
_L 0xE10700FF 0x017F7FDB
_L 0xE10200FF 0x017F7FE3
_L 0x517F7FE2 0x00000001
_L 0x017F7FE3 0x00000000
_L 0xE1010000 0x017F7FE3
_L 0x217F7FE4 0x00000000
_L 0x30200001 0x017F7FE3
_L 0x017F7FDB 0x00000000
_L 0xD0000001 0x30000110#L+Up: Monster Detail next/previous
_L 0xE1010000 0x017F7FDB
_L 0x017F7FDB 0x000000FF
_C1 HPD 7.7 [07/15] PPSSPP
_L 0xE1150009 0x017F8029
_L 0xD0000005 0x10000120#L+Right: cycle color theme
_L 0xE10500FF 0x017F7FDC
_L 0xD17F7FE1 0x417F7FE0
_L 0x00000001 0x00000000
_L 0x017F7FE1 0x000000FF
_L 0x30100001 0x017F7FE1
_L 0x017F7FDC 0x00000000
_L 0xD0000001 0x30000120#L+Right: cycle color theme
_L 0xE1010000 0x017F7FDC
_L 0x017F7FDC 0x000000FF
_L 0xD0000006 0x10000140#L+Down: Monster Detail next/previous
_L 0xE10600FF 0x017F7FDD
_L 0x30100001 0x017F7FE3
_L 0xD17F7FE3 0x417F7FE2
_L 0x00000002 0x00000000
_L 0x017F7FE3 0x000000FF
_L 0x217F7FE4 0x00000000
_L 0x017F7FDD 0x00000000
_L 0xD0000001 0x30000140#L+Down: Monster Detail next/previous
_L 0xE1010000 0x017F7FDD
_L 0x017F7FDD 0x000000FF
#_L 0xD0000001 0x10040000#WLAN On/Off: Switch 1P/4P
#_L 0xD17F803C 0x200000E8
#_L 0x217F803C 0x0A7FE0F3
#_L 0xD0000001 0x30040000#WLAN On/Off: Switch 1P/4P
#_L 0xD17F803C 0x200000F3
#_L 0x217F803C 0x0A7FE0E8
_L 0xD0000001 0x30040000#WLAN On/Off: Switch 4P/1P
_L 0xD17F803C 0x200000E8
_L 0x217F803C 0x0A7FE0F3
_L 0xD0000001 0x10040000#WLAN On/Off: Switch 4P/1P
_L 0xD17F803C 0x200000F3
_L 0x217F803C 0x0A7FE0E8
_C1 HPD 7.7 [08/15]
_L 0xE10B0009 0x017F8029
_L 0xD0000006 0x10000180#L+Left: cycle color theme
_L 0xE10600FF 0x017F7FDE
_L 0xE1030000 0x017F7FE1
_L 0x517F7FE0 0x00000001
_L 0x017F7FE1 0x00000000
_L 0x30100001 0x017F7FE1
_L 0x30200001 0x017F7FE1
_L 0x017F7FDE 0x00000000
_L 0xD0000001 0x30000180#L+Left: cycle color theme
_L 0xE1010000 0x017F7FDE
_L 0x017F7FDE 0x000000FF
_L 0xE11200FF 0x017F8374
_L 0x217F7FFC 0x1011D846
_L 0x217F8000 0x27BDFFE0
_L 0x217F8004 0xAFBF001C
_L 0x217F800C 0x00000000
_L 0x217F8010 0xAFB50018
_L 0x217F8014 0xAFB40014
_L 0x217F8018 0xAFB30010
_L 0x217F801C 0xAFB2000C
_L 0x217F8020 0xAFB10008
_L 0x217F8024 0xAFB00004
_L 0x217F802C 0x00409021
_L 0x217F8030 0x8E537FF0
_L 0x217F8034 0x8E547FF4
_L 0x217F8038 0x8E557FF8
_L 0x217F8040 0x8E910004
_L 0x217F8044 0x00008021
_L 0x217F8048 0x00008821
_C1 HPD 7.7 [09/15]
_L 0xE11D00FF 0x017F8374
_L 0x217F804C 0x0000A021
_L 0x217F8050 0x02602021
_L 0x217F8058 0x92467FE3
_L 0x217F805C 0x00C4102A
_L 0x217F8060 0x10400002
_L 0x217F8064 0x82457FE2
_L 0x217F8068 0x10850002
_L 0x217F806C 0xA2447FE2
_L 0x217F8070 0x240600FF
_L 0x217F8074 0x0204102A
_L 0x217F8078 0x10400023
_L 0x217F807C 0x00101080
_L 0x217F8080 0x00531021
_L 0x217F8084 0x8C420000
_L 0x217F8088 0x14400003
_L 0x217F808C 0x240500FF
_L 0x217F8090 0x1000001B
_L 0x217F8094 0x26730004
_L 0x217F8098 0x14A60007
_L 0x217F809C 0x8E457FE4
_L 0x217F80A0 0x28A30001
_L 0x217F80A4 0x14600004
_L 0x217F80A8 0x00000000
_L 0x217F80AC 0x14450002
_L 0x217F80B0 0x00000000
_L 0x217F80B4 0x02003021
_L 0x217F80B8 0xA2467FE3
_L 0x217F80BC 0x14D00004
_L 0x217F80C8 0x0040A021
_C1 HPD 7.7 [10/15]
_L 0xE11D00FF 0x017F8374
_L 0x217F80CC 0xAE547FE4
_L 0x217F80D4 0x0E7FE0B2
_L 0x217F80DC 0x00402021
_L 0x217F80EC 0x0E7FE0B8
_L 0x217F80F0 0x01515021
_L 0x217F80F4 0x0E7FE0DB
_L 0x217F80FC 0x26100001
_L 0x217F8100 0x1000FFD4
_L 0x217F8104 0x8E447FF0
_L 0x217F8114 0x0E7FE0B2
_L 0x217F8120 0x0E7FE0B8
_L 0x217F8124 0x02802021
_L 0x217F8130 0x00E08021
_L 0x217F8134 0x0E7FE0DB
_L 0x217F8138 0x01008821
_L 0x217F8148 0x02003021
_L 0x217F814C 0x0E7FE0DB
_L 0x217F8150 0x02203821
_L 0x217F8160 0x0E7FE0C9
_L 0x217F8174 0x0E7FE0C9
_L 0x217F8188 0x0E7FE0DB
_L 0x217F8198 0x0E7FE0B2
_L 0x217F81B0 0x0E7FE0D7
_L 0x217F81C8 0x0E7FE0D7
_L 0x217F81E0 0x0E7FE0D7
_L 0x217F81F8 0x0E7FE0D7
_L 0x217F820C 0x0E7FE0B2
_L 0x217F821C 0x0E7FE0D1
_L 0x217F822C 0x0E7FE0D1
_C1 HPD 7.7 [11/15]
_L 0xE11D00FF 0x017F8374
_L 0x217F823C 0x0E7FE0D1
_L 0x217F824C 0x0E7FE0D1
_L 0x217F825C 0x0E7FE0D1
_L 0x217F826C 0x0E7FE0D1
_L 0x217F827C 0x0E7FE0D1
_L 0x217F828C 0x0E7FE0D1
_L 0x217F82A4 0x8FBF001C
_L 0x217F82A8 0x8FB50018
_L 0x217F82AC 0x8FB40014
_L 0x217F82B0 0x8FB30010
_L 0x217F82B4 0x8FB2000C
_L 0x217F82B8 0x8FB10008
_L 0x217F82BC 0x8FB00004
_L 0x217F82C0 0x03E00008
_L 0x217F82C4 0x27BD0020
_L 0x217F82C8 0x8EA40000
_L 0x217F82D8 0x03E00008
_L 0x217F82E4 0x8E477FEC
_L 0x217F82E8 0x00064040
_L 0x217F82EC 0x00E83821
_L 0x217F82F0 0x94E80000
_L 0x217F82F4 0x15000003
_L 0x217F82F8 0x01003021
_L 0x217F8304 0x8E477FE8
_L 0x217F8308 0x00063080
_L 0x217F830C 0x00E64021
_L 0x217F8310 0x8D080000
_L 0x217F8314 0x01073021
_L 0x217F831C 0x03E00008
_C1 HPD 7.7 [12/15]
_L 0xE11D00FF 0x017F8374
_L 0x217F8324 0x00003821
_L 0x217F8328 0x3C0742C8
_L 0x217F832C 0x44860000
_L 0x217F8330 0x44870800
_L 0x217F8334 0x46010002
_L 0x217F8338 0x46000024
_L 0x217F833C 0x1000000B
_L 0x217F8340 0x44060000
_L 0x217F8344 0x10C00003
_L 0x217F8348 0x00000000
_L 0x217F834C 0x10000007
_L 0x217F8354 0x03E00008
_L 0x217F8358 0x00000000
_L 0x217F835C 0x1D000003
_L 0x217F836C 0x8EA40000
_L 0x217F837C 0x03E01021
_L 0x217F8384 0x0E7FE0B2
_L 0x217F8390 0x0040F821
_L 0x217F8398 0x1000FFF4
_L 0x217F83A0 0x12200008
_L 0x217F83AC 0x0E7FE0B2
_L 0x217F83BC 0x0E7FE0E5
_L 0x217F83C4 0x1000FF1F
_L 0x217F83C8 0x00000000
_L 0x217F83CC 0x12200004
_L 0x217F83D8 0x0E7FE0DF
_L 0x217F83E0 0x8E910000
_L 0x217F83E4 0x12200004
_L 0x217F83F0 0x0E7FE0DF
_C1 HPD 7.7 [13/15]
_L 0xE11D00FF 0x017F8374
_L 0x217F83F8 0x8E910008
_L 0x217F83FC 0x12200004
_L 0x217F8408 0x0E7FE0DF
_L 0x217F8410 0x8E91000C
_L 0x217F8414 0x12200004
_L 0x217F8420 0x0E7FE0DF
_L 0x217F8428 0x1000FF06
_L 0x217F842C 0x00000000
_L 0x217F8360 0x36458430
_L 0x217F838C 0x36458433
_L 0x217F813C 0x3645843B
_L 0x217F83B4 0x3645843B
_L 0x217F8154 0x36458446
_L 0x217F8168 0x36458450
_L 0x217F817C 0x3645845A
_L 0x217F80E0 0x36458464
_L 0x217F8350 0x3645846A
_L 0x217F8364 0x3645846D
_L 0x217F8430 0x253A7325
_L 0x217F8434 0x252F6433
_L 0x217F8438 0x48006433
_L 0x217F843C 0x35253A50
_L 0x217F8440 0x35252F64
_L 0x217F8444 0x54410064
_L 0x217F8448 0x33253A4B
_L 0x217F844C 0x00252564
_L 0x217F8450 0x3A464544
_L 0x217F8454 0x25643325
_L 0x217F8458 0x69530025
_C1 HPD 7.7 [14/15]
_L 0xE10500FF 0x017F8374
_L 0x217F845C 0x33253A7A
_L 0x217F8460 0x00252564
_L 0x217F8464 0x253A7325
_L 0x217F8468 0x64252F64
_L 0x217F846C 0x3A732500
_L 0xE10F00FF 0x017F7FDF
_L 0xE10E0000 0x017F7FD5
_L 0x217F811C 0x36458471
_L 0x217F8300 0x36458471
_L 0x217F81A0 0x36468474
_L 0x217F81B8 0x36468478
_L 0x217F81D0 0x3646847C
_L 0x217F81E8 0x36468480
_L 0x217F8368 0x36478484
_L 0x217F8470 0x00732520
_L 0x217F8474 0x00706C53
_L 0x217F8478 0x00696F50
_L 0x217F847C 0x00726150
_L 0x217F8480 0x00204F4B
_L 0x217F8484 0x6576654E
_L 0x117F8488 0x00000072
_C1 HPD 7.7 [15/15]
_L 0xE11200FF 0x017F7FDF
_L 0xE1110001 0x017F7FD5
_L 0x217F811C 0x36458472
_L 0x217F8300 0x36458472
_L 0x217F81A0 0x36468475
_L 0x217F81B8 0x3646847C
_L 0x217F81D0 0x36468483
_L 0x217F81E8 0x3646848A
_L 0x217F8368 0x36478491
_L 0x217F8470 0x73252020
_L 0x217F8474 0xA19DE700
_L 0x217F8478 0x009080E8
_L 0x217F847C 0xE892AFE6
_L 0x217F8480 0xE9009080
_L 0x217F8484 0x80E8BBBA
_L 0x217F8488 0xB0E60090
_L 0x217F848C 0x9080E897
_L 0x217F8490 0xA184E700
_L 0x217F8494 0x00B98AE5
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